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Caldea is open very day of the week. Closed for technical reasons from April 15th until April 26th 2013 included.
General information on Caldea

What is Caldea and where is it?
General info on Europe's largest recreational spa located in the mountains of Andorra and how to get there.

The general area

The main spa at Caldea
Installations, massages and rates.

Practical guide for the main spa
For those that do not know Caldea.   Information on the installations and on how to use them.

Map of Caldea's main spa
To find your way about.  Also, the differences between the Mains Spa and the Wellness.

Extra information for the Main Spa
Details, opening hours and dates, restaurants, children...

Reservations for the Main Spa
With or without accommodation (hotel or holiday apartment), conditions of sale and how to contact us

Caldea's main spa
The Wellness

The Caldea Wellness
Exclusive area with a personalized service, reserved for persons following a programme.

Programmes and cruises at the Wellness
1 to 15 day programmes at the Wellness with treatments, extra information and prices

"A la carte" programmes and treatments
List of treatments to complete an established programme or to make your personalized programme from scratch.

How is a day spent at the Wellness?
Example of a 2-day programme at the Wellness with treatments.

Information on the treatments at Caldea
What's a shiatsu? a Turkish peeling?  Korean relaxation?

Map of the Wellness
All of the installations and the differences between the Main Spa and the Wellness

Extra information on the Wellness
Details, opening times and dates, cancellations, Wellness companions...

Reservations for the Wellness
With or without accommodation (hotel or holiday apartment), conditions of sale and how to contact us

Relaxing in the Wellness at Caldea
the web site of

One of Caldea's official service agencies since 1995

If you still don't quite understand how Caldea works, click on the following link:  All this is fine and good but I still don't quite understand!


More information on Caldea and on Andorra

Caldea Express
The quick and easy way to buy entrances to the Main Spa or the Wellness
We'll send you the entrances directly by E-mail in 2 working days
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