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the hydromassage pools at Caldea, Andorra

Is a bathing cap obligatory?
No because the water at Caldea is never re-used.  Once water has flown through the lagoons, it goes into the river ie there are no filters hairs can block!

Personal bathrobes are admitted but not sandals.  Why?
It is a question of hygene.  Caldea does everything possible in order to keep dirt out of the centre.  You may buy latex socks at the reception or rent sandals at the Wellness for free.

What's the difference between the Main Spa and the Caldea Wellness?
There are installations in the Wellness that do not exist in the Main Spa.  Caldea accepts only up to 30 persons at a time in the Wellness which guarantees you peace and quiet even if the Main Spa gets crowded.  You receive a personalised treatment at the Wellness and the rental of a bathrobe, sandals and a towel is included in the price.  Persons in the Wellness have free and unlimited access to the installations of the Main Spa but people from the Main Spa do not have access to the Wellness.

I need a 500.- pts coin to open my locker in the Main Spa.  Do I get my money back?
Of course.  When you retrieve your clothes, the coin is returned.

Andorra is an official agency of Caldea.  Would it be cheaper if I made my reservations directly at Caldea and the hotel instead of going through them?
No, our services are free. There is no surcharge at the hotel or at Caldea.  What's more, we save you from making various international calls, will give an unbiased opinion on Caldea's programmes and on the hotels. Find out more about us.

Why is there no hotel at Caldea?
The major shareholder of Caldea is the commune.  In order not to compete with the existing nearby hotels, it was decided not to add yet another hotel.  This, in fact, is to your advantage as you can choose a hotel according to your taste and budget.

I have medical problems.  Can I still go to Caldea?
Caldea is not a medical centre and there is no medical inspection at the beginning of your program.  However, we advise you to seek your doctor's advice.

Who wrote the music that is played during the sound and light show at Caldea?
It is the sound track of the film 1492 by Vangelis.  With the proper plug-in or recent browser, you'll be able to hear an extract on our user's guide page.

Why are children under 5 not admitted to Caldea?
Caldea is a centre to relax in and therefore tries its best to keep noise at a minimum.

I lost my electronic entrance card to the Main Spa and had to pay 1'000.- pts upon leaving.  Why?
It is the cost price of an electronic card that registers your entrance and departure time.

Mycosis (athlete's foot) is a problem in many aquatic centres. What does Caldea do about it?
Firstly, a specialised cleaning team disinfects all the floors at Caldea every night. Second, you will find a foot spray with disinfectant near the changing rooms.  Caldea has not received any complaints concerning mycosis up to this present date.

I can't swim.  Can I till go to Caldea?
The maximum water depth at Caldea is 1m30 but if you cannot swim, stay near the edges of the lagoons.

How long can I stay at Caldea?
3 hours with an entrance to the Main Spa, 4 to 5 hours in the Wellness depending on the programme.

Can I stay longer ?
Of course! Just remember that if you have an entrance to the Main Spa, you will have to pay 400.- pts for evey extra half hour.  The Wellness on the other hand is a priviledged area and the staff will not come after you shouting "come in nº 4, ... your time is up!" or anything similar.

Are the treatments included in the time at Caldea?
They are in the Wellness unless you chose extra treatments, in which case you get extra time.  In the Main Spa, the time is added ie if you have a massage, you can stay an extra hour without surcharge.

And what if I have lunch or dinner at Caldea?
If you spend 10,00 E or more at the Oasis restaurant, you can stay 1 extra hour without surcharge.

If I'm following a 1 to 5 day programme at the Wellness and therefore can stay at Caldea for 5 hours per day. Can I come for, let's say,  2 hours in the moring and 3 hours in the afternoon?
No, you cannot split the 5 hours.  However, nobody will say anything if you stay an extra hour or two because you had lunch at the Oasis restaurant at Caldea.

Is it better to have a massage before or after swimming and relaxing in the pools?
It is a question of preference but most people prefer to have their massage last.

Are shorts permitted?
As the water at Caldea is never used twice, shorts are permitted.

Does Caldea have a nudist area?
Andorra, being a conservative country, does not allow nudism, not even top-less bathing.

Do I have to reserve my time of entrance?
Main spa:
The main spa has a maximum capacity of 500 people and when the spa is full, extra people are let in only when others come out!  We recommend reserving your entrance on week-ends and during the holiday season.

You must reserve your entrance time for the first day. You can make your reservation  here.

Can I reserve treatments once I'm there?
If there's room then yes.  However, we strongly recommend that you reserve any additional treatments in advance.

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