Who are we?

We are an official tourist service agency of Caldea, Europe's largest recreational thermal water health spa located in the mountains.  We make the link between the spa and the surrounding hotels.  We don't work for Caldea but rather with Caldea in order to make your reservations easier.

Many agencies know their products only from brochures.  We know Caldea from A to Z.  We often go there and have tried all of the installations, the programmes and  the treatments given there.  We can help you chose your programme and we can answer any questions you may have.

We can't "sell ice cubes to Eskimos".  If we don't believe in a product, we don't sell it and o!  Our profound product knowledge enables us to give you an unbiased opinion on Caldea as well as on the hotels.

We know when the spa will be crowded, which Catalan, French or Spanish bank holidays to avoid if possible and which hotel offers the best quality/price ratio.

Being a small and specialised agency that does not deal in mass tourism, we can give you individual and professional service.  In addition, our staff speaks fluent French, English, German, Catalan and Spanish.

We can make you avoid having to make numerous international calls as we can reserve both Caldea and the hotel for you.  We can also prevent unpleasant surprises upon your arrival as all of the proposed hotels have been chosen by us.  We have eaten in their restaurants, have drunk their coffee, have seen the rooms, know the staff and management and we have parked our car in their garages.

We ask all of our clients to fill out a questionnaire which helps us to determine client satisfaction.  If we notice a negative comment repeatedly, we contact the hotel to find out the reason.  If the problem persists, we change hotels!

Our service is free and you can contact us at any time should you require help,  information or advice.

Apart from Caldea, we also offer accommodation in hotels and holiday apartments,  jeep and ski-doo rides, ski and fishing trips, horseback riding and trekking for individual clients or for small groups that want to complete their stay and that want to visit Andorra.

Paul Mikhelson, General Manager
       Paul Mikhelson
     General Manager

Name of the agency:

Ave. Fiter Rossell no 73
Principality of Andorra
T: (00376) 869 181
F: (00376) 869 182

Registre of commerce issued by the Andorran Government nº: 912218.X/12075 (agency founded in 1994)

Are are constantly updating our web pages and would appreciate your opinion and comments.  If you would like to contact us, send us an E-mail.

So far, we have received reservations directly over the net from France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Holland, Canada (Montréal), USA (California, New Jersey, Texas, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Georgia, Florida and New York), Belgium, England, Scotland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithania, Russia, Norway, Italy, the Philippines and Luxemburg.

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