All that is fine and good but I still do not understand!

If you haven't quite understood everything, read this page in peace and quiet or better still, print it on paper.  If then you still have doubts, contact us and we'll send you an E-mail with all the information.

Caldea is a recreational spa where you can go for  1, 2, 3 days etc.  Caldea is not a medical centre.

Caldea is divided into 2 parts:   the Main Spa and the Wellness.  The Main Spa is for those that just want to bathe for 3 hours and perhaps have a massage and the Spa is  for those that want to take advantage of everything Caldea has to offer.

The Main Spa, characterised by its large interior thermal water lagoon of 600 m2, offers you a wide choice of installations where water is present in all possible forms and from different cultures: from steam to ice, from Finland to Japan.

There are over 20 installations to be found in the Main Spa area:  interior and exterior lagoons, saunas, jacuzzis, turkish baths, bubble beds. indo-roman baths etc.

Entrance Fee:
with free and unlimited access to all installations of the Main Spa for 3 consecutive hours:  24,50 Euros. You can also buy 3 and 5 day passes which are a little cheaper.

With a Main Spa entrance, you do not have access to the Wellness.  Bathing caps re not obligatory and all types of bathing suits are admitted.

You may bring your own towel and bathrobe but not sandals.  You may rent bathrobes and sandals at the reception.  Latex socks can also be bought for those that prefer not to go barefoot.

The Main Spa is meant for those that want to benefit from the thermal water without following a programme.... to relax for a few hours in warm water in order to forget tiredness, stress and muscular pains, and perhaps to have a massage.  

The maximum capacity of the Main Spa is 500 persons.  This number is reached on week-ends, during holidays and in winter as of 16:00.  If you are planning to go to Caldea when it's crowded , we recommend reserving something at the Wellness and not just the Main Spa, even if it's just for an afternoon.

RESERVATIONS: does one have to reserve and if so, how much in advance?
We strongly recommend reserving if you are planning on going on a week-end, during bank holidays (both Spanish and French), during school holidays and in winter after 16:00, and especially if you would like to add treatments. You may reserve entrances with or without accommodation right on this web site.  If you present yourself without a reservation, you may have to wait in line to get in or even wait in line in order to make your reservation for the following day! Please reserve at least 2 working days in advance.

You can add a treatment (massage etc.) to your Main Spa entrance as long as you reserve in advance.  It is practically impossible to reserve a treatment upon arrival.  For each treatment, you get an extra hour of bathing time for free.  In other words, 1 entrance + 1 treatment = 4 hours at Caldea.  You also get an extra hour if you have a meal at the Oasis restaurant.

The Oasis is the only restaurant accessible directly from the Main Spa. If you have a meal there, you get an extra hour of bathing time for free.


The Wellness is located on the 3rd. floor of the centre, and is an exclusive and restricted area, reserved for people following a programme for 1 to 15 days.  Caldea accepts up to only 30 persons in the Wellness at any time which guarantees you a relaxing atmosphere even if the main spa gets crowded.

If you are planning to come on a week-end or during holidays, we strongly recommend going to the Wellness (even for just one day) instead of just the Main Spa which you will have to share with 500 persons!

If the Main Spa is for those that just ant to bathe for a few hours after a day of skiing or trekking, the Wellness is for those that want to relax for a few days and offer a gift to their bodies and mind.

The main difference between the Main Spa and the Wellness is tranquility.  Persons with only a Main Spa entrance do no have access to the Wellness area.  On the other hand, Wellness clients can go where they want to.  This means that you can retreat to the Wellness area when the Main Spa gets crowded on week-ends for example.

Installations found at the Wellness:
Grapefruit pool, Aztecian pool (foot massages), gymnasium, relaxation room with water beds, turkish bath, inside and outside jacuzzis, sauna, relaxation area, solarium etc.  Some of these installations an also be found in the Main Spa.  However, those at the Wellness are much less crowded.
One cannot go to the Wellness without having treatments, except as a Wellness Companion.

There are 2 ways to go to the Wellness: by reserving a pre set module (Relaxation, Beauty J etc.) or making a "a la carte" programme".

The Wellness Programmes: 
The Wellness programmes are divided into 3 principal themes: "relaxation", "beauty" and "escape".  Each theme is divided into 5 modules (A, B, C...).  Each module represents 1 day at Caldea (5 consecutive hours).

This system allows you to combine any modules.  That way, you can make a programme from 1 to 15 days without repeating a single module.  Of course, you can repeat any given module if you so chose.  If none of the modules suit you or if you would like to change a module, you can make a programme from scratch, in other words, "a la carte", where you chose which treatments you would like to have (see below)..   You may start your programme any day of the week at 09:00, 10:30, 13:30, 15:00 or at 16:30.

Price of each module, all included:
Relaxation (A, B, C, D or E):   100,00 E
Beauty (F, G, H, I or J):           105,50 E
Escape (K, L, M, N, O):         111,00 E

All of the above prices include:

  • Treatments according to the module (A, B, C...)
  • Daily rental of a clean bathrobe, sandals and towel
  • Guided visit of the Wellness
  • Free and unlimited access to all of the installations of the Wellness and main spa for 5 hours a day
  • A non-alcoholic drink at the Wellness bar

IMPORTANT: the choice of module (A, B, C...) must be made when reserving.  If you do not specify a module, the module will be decided by Caldea.

The treatments are given during the length of programme.

You may add "à la carte" treatments to any module but you cannot change the treatments in the modules.  If the above modules do not suit you, you can make a "à la carte" programme.

For 2 days: Relaxation B + Escape M: price per person: 211,00 Euros 
For 3 days: Relaxation A + Beauty H + Beauty G:  price par person: 311,00 Euros 
For 4 days: Escape L+ Escape M + Escape N + Escape O: price per person 444,00 Euros 

The treatments ill be given during the 5 hours that you will be spending at Caldea each day.  For example, if you choose the "Relaxation A" module with an entrance time at 10:30, you will have the tonifying pressure shower at 11:00, the aerobath at 12:30 and the Korean relaxation session at 13:00.  Thus, you have time in between treatments to use the installations at the Wellness or in the Main Spa.  The schedule for all of the treatments will be set up upon your arrival at the Wellness.,

Making your own programme.

If none of the modules suit you, you may also create your own programme from scratch.  As Caldea is not a medical centre, you may  create your programme with any treatment you fancy.   For "à la carte" programmes, you must pay a Wellness access + at least one treatment per day:

1 day:   45,10 E + the treatments
2 days:  90,20 E + the treatments
3 days: 135,20 E + the treatments
4 days: 168,20 E + the treatments
5 days: 195,30 E + the treatments
+ days, per day: 39,10 E + the treatments 

Wellness Access for 1 day (5 hours). 45,10 E
         + 1 face cleansing..... 41,69 E
         + a 20' massage ....... 19,64 E
         Total:                 106,43 E

You will find a complete list of treatments above

Prices include:
Daily rental of a clean bathrobe, sandals and towel, guided visit of the Wellness, free and unlimited access to all of the installations of the Wellness and main spa, a non-alcoholic drink at the Wellness bar

Beware not to overload your programme.  Your stay at Caldea is supposed to consist of a pleasant combination of treatments and use of the installations.  You do not want to spend 5 hours staring at the ceiling or at the floor of a massage cabin.

Does one have to reserve, and if so, how far in advance?  

Reservation for the Wellness is obligatory.  Anyway, it would be a shame to come all the way to Caldea just to be told to come back next week!  As you cannot access the Wellness without having at least one treatment, we recommend reserving 2 weeks in advance.


When you reserve your entrances to Caldea, you can also reserve your hotel or apartment.  There is no hotel at Caldea.  We therefore work with 6 hotels that have a good price/quality relation.  Click here for more information.

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