Map of the main spa at Caldea in Andorra

Services included in the admission fee:

Aquatic areas, aerobaths, hydroesthetics, and underwater music during the music shows and the water and light shows (at night). Maximum water depth: 1.30 m.

1. Indoor lagoon: Thermal baths at 32/34º C Highly pressurised water, swan neck (caution must be observed in case of cervical problems, arthritis, recently knitted fractures, etc.), jacuzzi (+/- 10 min.), vaporised water masks for facial hydration (1/2 min.), four successive pools (+/- 5 min. each) for a hydromassage from ankles to neck.
2. Outside lagoon: tonifying and fun. Thermal baths at 32-34ºC. Access from the inside lagoon with the river's current. Standing jacuzzi and bubble beds (+/- 10 min.). Sun and scenery.
3. Outside jacuzzi: Thermal water at 36º C -toning fun and spectacular atmosphere.
4. Indo-Roman baths: peace and quiet. Alternate a thermal bath at 36º C (+/- 10 min.) with a cold bath at 14º C (+/-1 min.). Repeat once. Combined with the jacuzzi, it favours joint and muscular relaxation.

Getting in shape, losing weight, relaxing. Stimulation and regeneration: reactivating the blood circulation.
5. Foot baths: Alternating hot water and cold water treatments for 5 min.
6. Showers at different pressures.
7. The Fire Patio: common meeting, waiting and relaxation area.
8. Saunas with relaxing light.
9. the Ice Pool: dry heat at approximately 80º C. A shower and a thorough drying are compulsory before entering the sauna. A towel to sit on the bench is also advised. Two sessions (between 5 and 15 min.) followed by a cold bath in the ice pool (14º) or by a stimulating cold shower. Drinking water often to hydrate one's system is advised. Rest 10 min. after each session in the relaxation areas, in order to keep your skin flexible and oxygenated. Adequate especially in case of painful joints and rheumatism, as it favours relief from muscular stress and eases the nerves.  It also helps to eliminate toxins and to purify the system.
10. Hammam (Turkish bath).
11. Vaporisation: Humid heat at approximately 55º C. A previous warm water shower is compulsory. Purifying steam bath in two sessions (5 to 10 min.) followed by a cooling hydration of the body by means of vaporisation. Drinking often is advised. Especially recommended for colds, contracted muscles, nervousness and stress.  It also favours general relaxation and facilitates breathing.
12. Wood's light: Relaxation by means of negatives ions.

The three main aspects of relaxation are: baths and hydromassages (see "baths"), the contrast between heat and cold (see "Indo-Roman baths" and "fitness") and sweating.

Rest is necessary to benefit from the installations at Caldea. Always relax after the baths or the fitness sessions. There are many deck chairs at your disposal.
13. Relaxation under non tanning infrared lamps. 
Helps to keep the body warm and has a relaxing effect after a fitness session. 

14. 20 min. UV sessions to stay tanned all year round  Tokens are sold at the Oasis bar restaurant. 

15: The Oasis is the only restaurant reserved for bathers. Healthy and balanced meals.

Relaxation and sun on the outside terraces.

All the relaxation areas are suitable for reading.

NEW ACTIVITIES (only on days of low occupancy), free.

Guided visit: discover the benefits of the recreational spa with a guide. Relaxation activity: 20/25 min. sessions with  specialised Caldea staff.

Supplementary services:

Massages and shiatsu: Caldea offers a wide range of massages. If you would like to add a treatment, we strongly recommend doing so when reserving your entrances.  It is virtually impossible to reserve a treatment once at Caldea.

What is the difference between the Main Spa and the Wellness?
The following table should help to understand:
The Main Spa:
This area is meant for those that want to benefit from the thermal water without following a programme... to relax a few hours in warm water in order to forget tiredness, stress and muscular pains, and perhaps to have a massage.
The Wellness:
For those that want to take advantage of all of Caldea's installations, that want to relax and receive treatments.  You may choose a pre established programme for 1 to 15 days or make up your own.
Installations found in the the main spa
  • Interior lagoon (32º C)
  • Exterior lagoon (34º C)
  • Saunas (80º C)
  • Interior jacuzzis (32º/34º C)
  • Exterior jacuzzis (32º/34º C)
  • Turkish bath (50º C),
  • Vaporisation room
  • Wood's lighting ionisation room
  • Foot baths
  • 4 hydromassage pools
  • Indo-Roman baths (36º/14º C)
  • Water jets
  • Ice pool (14º C all year)
  • Flowing river
  • Hydrating face masks
  • Bubble beds
  • Infra-red sun beds
  • Solariums
  • Restaurant
The installations at the Wellness
  • Grapefruit pool (32º C)
  • Aztecian pool (32º C)
  • Relaxation room with water beds
  • Turkish Bath
  • Inside jacuzzis (32º C)
  • Outside jacuzzis (34º C)
  • Sauna (80º)
  • Gymnasium
  • Aerobics room
  • Relaxing area
  • Relaxing pool (32ºC)
  • Aquatic bar and solarium. 
Some of the installations found at the Wellness are also available in the Main Spa area (to which you also have access).  The difference is that the installations at the Wellness are much less crowded.

Important: You cannot go to the Wellness without having treatments.  Either choose a pre established one or make up your own, with at least one treatment per day.

Access to the Wellness area: no Access to the Main Spa: yes
Duration: 3 consecutive hours + 1 hour with each treatment or with a 10,00 E meal Duration: 5 consecutive hours, treatments included.
Max. amount of persons admitted at any one time: 500 Max. amount of persons admitted at any one time: 500
Best time to go:  avoid bank holidays, week-ends, school holidays and in winter after 15:00 Best time to go: any time of the year
Treatments: yes if reserved in advance Treatments: yes if reserved in advance
Reservations: strongly recommended during bank holidays, week-ends, school holidays and in winter after 15:00 Reservations: obligatory
Rentals (non obligatory):  Bathrobe (4,20 E), towel (2,40 E), latex socks (2,10 E) Rentals:  Bathrobe: included, towel: included, latex socks: included.
Drinks: not included Drinks: one free non alcoholic drink included per day at the Wellness bar
Medical visit: no Medical visit: no


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