Groups and seminars

If you are looking for a place to organise a seminar, a convention or just a group holiday, do not hesitate to contact us.  For a week-end, work or just a break, combined with relaxation or adventure, with or without Caldea, we can offer taylored stays with a professional service for all budgets with jeep rides, cultural visits, skiing, snow-shoe trekking, rafting, excursions, ski-doo rides, trout fishing ...

Price list for groups for the Main Spa at Caldea

The main spa (maximum capacity: 500 persons):
The main spa is for those that want to enjoy the benefits of thermal water and to relax for a few hours in warm water in order to forget stress, tiredness and muscular pains.

Characterised by its large interior thermal water lagoon of 600 m2 (32º C), the main spa offers a wide choice of installations: interior (32º C) and exterior (34º C) lagoon, saunas (80º C), interior and exterior jacuzzis (32º/34º C), Turkish bath (50º C), mist room, "wood-lighting" ionisation room, foot baths, 4 hydromassage pools, Indo-Roman baths (36º/14º C), water jets, ice pool (14º C all year),  flowing river, hydrating face masks, bubble beds, infra-red sun beds,  solariums and restaurant.  Persons with an entry to the main spa have access to all of the installations mentioned above for 3 hours.

Price list for the main spa valid from 1/12/02 to 30/11/03
Note: the folowing prices are valid only if the entire group enters Caldea at the reserved date and time.


High season
Low season
High season
Low season
General entrance (3h)
21,50 E
17,75 E
19,25 E
15,75 E
Nocturnal Entrance (2h)
16,00 E
14,50 E
3-day pass
56,75 E
5-day pass
86,75 E

High season:
06/12/02, 23/12/02-21/04/03,01/05/03-02/05/03, 21/07/03-14/09/03 as well as ALL Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year
Low season:
other dates
Caldea closes for maintenance during the following periods:
12/05/03-30/05/03, 03/11/03-07/05/03
Other closures:
25/12/02 all day and 01/01/03 until 15:00

Nocturnal entrance for groups:
from 08/01/02 until 21/03/02 on Tuesdays and Thursdays for school groups, Wednesdays for adults.  Entrance for 2 hours as of 21:00.  Caldea closes at 23:45.

Opening hours:
August and Easter: 09:00-24:00.  Last admission: 22:00
Saturdays and Sundays: 09:30- 24:00 (Saturdays) 23:00 (Sundays).
Other days: 10:00-23:00. Last admission: 21:00

Free entrances:
1 for every 20 paying persons.

Rental of bathrobe, towel and sandals (non obligatory) not included.  Groups may bring their own (except sandals).  Bathrobes, towels and sandals can also be rented at Caldea. 

School groups:
maximum 18 years of age for the group, minimum 1 adult per 20 persons

Treatments (such as massages etc) are possible for groups up to about 25-30 persons over a 3 hour period and if reserved in advance.

The Wellness, designed for your well-being (maximum capacity: 30 persons):

The Wellness, designed for your well-being (maximum capacity: 30 persons):
The Wellness is located on the 3rd. floor of the centre, and is an exclusive and restricted area, reserved for people following a 1 to 15-day programme.  Caldea accepts up to only 30 persons in the Wellness at any time which guarantees you a relaxing atmosphere even if the general area gets crowded, as those with only an entrance to the main spa do not have access to the Wellness.  On the other hand, people with a Wellness entrance have free access to the installations at the Wellness and the Main Spa.

If the main spa is meant for those that just want to spend a few hours relaxing in thermal water after day's skiing or trekking, the Wellness is for those that want to take full advantage of Caldea's installations and services, to relax for a few days and to be spoilt by our professional staff.

The originality of the Wellness: a rich and welcoming decoration: an invitation for an imaginary voyage... the relaxing Aztecian pool set in a tropical garden with its flowing river... the tonifying grapefruit pool which softens your skin and which set in a Japanese garden... the relaxing pool set in a French garden, the perfect place to read a book... the warm marble slates which relax your back muscles... the relaxing water beds to drift off in and the Gaudi style aquatic bar and terrace.

The only programme available to groups is the 1-day Wellness access with either a 20' massage or a hydromassage milk bath with essential oils.  For groups above 25 persons, the group must be split into 2.  Example:

Group 1: Discovery programme
Group 2: Main Spa
Group 2: Main Spa
Group 2: Discovery programme

Restaurants at Caldea for groups

The Deimos

  • Grill-Bar in relaxing with a view over the interior lagoons. Restaurant hours: from 13:00 to 16:30 and from 20:30 to 22:30.  Prices from 12,00 Euros per person, wine, water and coffee included.  The Deimos restaurant is accessed from the shopping centre.

The Oasis

  • Bar-restaurant-buffet reserved for bathers, accessed only from the inside of Caldea, ie all guests are in bathing clothes. Prices from 12,00 Euros per person, wine, water and coffee included.  Hours: from 10:30 to 22:00 (restaurant from 12:30 to 15:30 and from 20:30 to 22:30.

For groups, one MUST reserve and pay in advance.  Caldea does not accept groups without reservation.  Should the number of the group drop below 20 persons, individual prices will apply.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require more information on Caldea or if we can be of help in any way.

We can also arrange for accommodation, ski passes, rafting and jeep trips, ice hockey matches, ice go-karting, mountain walks etc.

To reserve please contact:

Pol Mikhelson


Fiter Rossell ave nº 73
AD700 Escaldes
Principality of Andorra
T: (+376) 869 181
F: (+376) 869 182
Web page with all the information on Caldea:

Here are a few examples for groups, incentives and seminars

Ski-doo excursions (groups of  6 to 10 persons, maximum: 30 persons):

After a few basic instructions, you will ride on your own rented ski-doo (Polaris or similar) through the forests of La Rabassa and up to the high plateau which offers a superb view of the Spanish Cerdanya and the Cadí mountain range.   Departure point is La Rabassa, located at about 45 minutes by car from the centre of town.  The excursion takes about an hour and 4-hour raids can be organised.  Ski-dooing is an adventurous sport for persons from 6 (accompanied) to 66 years of age and is not dangerous.  No previous experience necessary.  Price includes: the rental of your ski-doo, insurance, lead ski-doo with guide, petrol and lunch in a mountain restaurant.

Snow-shoe trekking with barbeque ( 6 to 20 persons):
Once you have your snow-shoes on, we will leave from  "Peretols" (1950m) located near the "Soldeu El Tarter" ski resort.  After a few hundred metres, we will begin the easy climb towards the the little mountain hut called "Les Pedres" (2160m, 1h), located on a superb open and sunny plateau.  Those that want to can continue to  the Enradort pass (2448m) whilst  the remainder of the group prepares  the barbeque and enjoys an "apéritif".  When everyone is back together, we'll have a good pic-nic / BBQ before descending back to Peretols.  All participants must bring a small back-pack with an extra T-shirt, a change of clothes and a water bottle but leaving a little extra space in order to help carry up the food.  Boots are not included.  We strongly recommend trekking boots.  If you don't have any, high tennis shoes or even small moon-boots will do.   The excursion is easy and not dangerous.  Children are welcome.  Included in the price: rental of snow shoes, guide and pic-nic.

There are 5 ski resorts in Andorra, at an altitude ranging up to 2.600 metres with over 200 km of marked pistes and  90 lifts, spread over the 5 resorts.  660 snow cannons ensure good conditions throughout the season and most resorts offer marked trails for those that prefer cross-country skiing.  Group ski-days can be organised, with or without a guide or a ski teacher.  Helicopter transfers between the resorts can be arranged.



Trekking and pic-nic:

Easy excursion with a guide to a mountain hut or lake, which is not dangerous and which takes place in magnificient surroundings.  The itinerary will be chosen by the guide depending on the group.  The pic-nic is included.  Those that want to an continue up to a nearby summit or pass whilst the others relax in the sun and enjoy an "apéritif".  Included in the price: pic-nic and guide.  Note: trekking shoes are mandatory.

Rafting (Parc del Segre, from 6 à 80 persons):
"Avantgarde" sport which consists of descending a white-water river in a rubber raft such as a "Zodiac".
The 2 x 4 m. rafts have a capacity of 6 persons plus a certified instructor,  responsible for steering the raft and instructing the team.   Rafting is an intense and exiting sport but which is not dangerous.  In  "La Seu d'Urgell", a town located at a 30-minute drive from the centre of Andorra's capital, one finds the "Parc del Segre",  host of the  Barcelona Olympics kayak events, which organises rafting on its 900m long artificial white-water river (6 cubic meters p/second). Price includes: 4 descents with a certified instructor, first-class rafts and equipment (helmet, wetsuit, K-way, boots and  life-jacket), insurance, warm showers and  changing rooms. Children welcome.  Can be combined with hydrospeed and canoeing.

Hydrospeed (Parc del Segre, 6 to 25 persons):
Fun sport for persons from 12 to 66 years of age which consists on descending and surfing on the waves of a white-water river (see above) on a special body-board.  Price includes: 60' of surfing with a certified instructor, first-class hydrospeeds and equipment (helmet, wetsuit, K-way, boots and  life-jacket), insurance, warm showers and changing rooms. Children welcome.  Can be combined with rafting and canoeing.

Canoeing (Parc del Segre, 6 to 35 persons):
The Parc del Segre (see above) offers a 800m long calm-water canal on which one can enjoy this fun sport but which is not as easy at it looks.  Canoes can take one to two persons.  Great opportunity for land-lubbers to take their first steps on water.  Price includes: 60' canoeing with a certified instructor, first-class canoes, kayaks and equipment (helmet, wetsuit, K-way, boots and life-jacket), insurance, warm showers and  changing rooms. Children welcome.  Can be combined with rafting and hydrospeed.

Rafting (River Noguera, from Llavorsi to Rialp, 14km,  1h30 by car from Andorra):
Wheras the Parc del Segre offers rafting on an artificial river (see above), rafting on the Noguera river takes place in natural surroundings.  The Noguera is the best river in the Pyrenees for rafting and kayaking: 14 km. of white water which takes about 2 hours to descend.  Included in the price: certified instructor, first-class rafts and equipment (helmet, wetsuit, K-way, boots and life-jacket), insurance, warm showers and changing rooms. Children as of 12 years of age are welcome.  Can be combined with canyoning.

Canyoning: (barranco del infierno at Pallars, 1h30 by car from Andorra):
This modern sport which involves descending a narrow and deep canyon is reserved for people that enjoy a severe adrenalin rush,  are fit and not scared of heights (some jumps are over 6 meters).  Included in the price: certified instructor, first-class equipment (wetsuit, ropes, climbing equipment and harnesses).  Time: about 2h30'.  Can be combined with rafting.

Jeep excursion:
A fun way to discover the remote parts of Andorra  is with a jeep.  You will be driving your own rented Suzuki Vitara or Samurai in a convoy along sometimes difficult dirt-tracks hence used by smugglers and have lunch in the little mountain village of Os de Civis after a 3 to 4 hour drive. Included in the price: jeep rental, petrol, insurance, lunch and a guide with his jeep.

Adventure day 1 (jeep excursion + rafting or canyoning):
You will be driving your own jeep in a convoy over mountain passes and deep gorges until reaching the Noguera river where you will change transportation and descend the 14 km white-water river (see above) or descend the barranco del infierno canyon.  After lunch in a typical restaurant, we will return to Andorra via the old smuggler routes.  Price includes:  jeep rental, petrol, insurance, first-class rafts and equipment (helmet, wetsuit, K-way, boots and life-jacket), lunch and certified guides.

Adventure day 2:
Fun day for the entire family including jeep rides, bow and arrow shooting, beginner's climbing and abseil courses, tibetan bridge crossing, horseback riding, cable descents and much more.  Price includes: certified instructors, equipment, insurance and lunch in a typical restaurant

Cultural (all year)

Andorra possesses many often forgotten treasures that will satisfy your curiosity. Hundreds of years of ancient culture will enable you to enjoy pure Romanic art with Andorra's 40 small churches and numerous historic bridges.    We recommend to visit the cultural sites in Andorra by bus.

Museum of Traditions (Areni de Plandolit in the typical village of Ordino):
Guided tour of this fascinating 17th century fully furnished mansion which reveals many interesting aspects of life in Andorran history and of the well-to-do family that lived there (wine cellars, kitchens, dentist's surgery!, bakery, library, collections,  etc. etc.).  The tour lasts about 45' and is well worth it, even for people that are not very enthousiastic about museums.

The "Casa de la Vall" (house of the valley):
Guided tour of Europe's smallest parliament, created in 1419, and which is still used up until this day.  Tour of the different halls, presidential gifts, the famous cupboard with seven keys and explanations on Andorra's governmental system.

The silent valleys:
Visit the unspoiled valleys of Andorra, often overlooked by tourists that only know the bustling city centre.  The north-western part of the country, in harmony with nature and full of contrasts, with high peaks and deep valleys gives a very different and peaceful impression of the country.

Typical restaurants (all year)

Os de Civis:

Well preserved village located in Spain at 1.500 mètres above sea-level but only accessible from Andorra through the gorges of Os.  The view over the village from it's  XII century church is worth the short climb, the houses are well kept and the people are friendly.  Free food and wine tasting.  The restaurant is run by the wife of the mayor and makes sure nobody goes hungry.  The menu consists of Catalan peasant soup, followed by "pan con tomate", followed by cold-cuts and mixed salad, barbequed chicken, rabbit or lamb, Spanish sausage, blood sausage, french fries, "crema Catalana", coffee and a home-made liqueur.  Phew!!!

Tapas restaurant (max. 30 personnes):
Typical tapas bar where the locals go, only 15 minutes by car from the centre of town.  The restaurant is not very pretty with its neon lights and plastic table clothes, a blaring TV showing either bullfights or football and waiters running around like madmen.  The first sip of the house wine is a little rough but the food is exquisite:  about a dozen of small plates (tapas) of delicious food such as octopus, squid, shrimp, local ham, kebabs, snails, their famous "patatas bravas", meat balls, etc.

Examples for groups

Here is an example for a group of 20 persons which can be adapted to your preferences and budget:

Day 1:
12:00    Arrival at the *** hotel
13:00    Lunch at the hotel
15:00    Caldea (Main Spa)
18:00    Duty-free shopping
20:30    Dinner at the hotel
              Drink on the town for those that want to (pub, disco or jazz Wellness)

Day 2:
09:00    Buffet breakfast at the hotel
10:00    Departure for the village of Os de Civis
11:00    Visit of the village with food and  wine tasting
12:00    Lunch in the village's restaurant
14:00    Departure

Aprx. price per person in a double room: 80,00 Euros


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