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"Balneotherapy" hydromassage, aerobaths, showers and hydrojet
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"Balneotherapy", or bath, is a treatment given in a private cabin with a special bathtub which is filled with warm thermal water and fitted with dozens of water or air jets.  The jets massage the body, decontract the muscles and revitalise the skin.

This treatment, which is a "classic" amongst the balneotherapy treatments, relaxes the body, eases muscular pains and is very calming.  There are 2 kinds of balneotherapy baths:

Hydromassage bath:
Bath with small water jets which act directly upon the muscles of the entire body.  The effect is very relaxing and produces a profound sensation of well-being.

Same as above but where air is injected instead of water.  The air jets give a general skin massage, relieve the tension of the superficial tissues and relaxes the mind and body.

Bath with essential oils, milk or with natural herbs (aprx. 15'):
These baths (hydromassage or aerobath) help to ease the struggles of modern life (stress, fatigue...) and make the skin smooth and soft.

Seaweed bath (aprx. 15'):
Bath which has a slimming, tonifying, hydrating or anticellulitic effect depending on the frequency of the baths.  Seaweed is rich in iodine, trace elements and minerals and has a depurative effect while acting on the functions of the organism.

Bath with under water jet (aprx. 20’):
Bath with a moderate but constant air jet which is guided by a beautician.  The massaging effect of the jet is relaxing and decontracts the muscles.

Tonifying shower (aprx. 10’):
Stimulating and tonifying treatment which produces a profound sense of relaxation!  A jet with varying pressure is directed at the body from a distance of approximately 5 metres.  This treatment massages  the body, increases the blood circulation and is ideal for people that do not do much exercise on a regular basis but that want to tonify their muscles.

Hydrojet (aprx. 15’):
This treatment, which combines the fundamental effects of a massage with the positive effects of thermotherapy, helps against back pains, anxiety and stress. Treatment given in a private cabin and on a special bed, covered with a thin mattress.  Water jets are projected against the mattress from underneath which massage the back of the body, from the neck to the ankles.

The massages

There are 2 kinds of massages given at Caldea: body massages and facial massages.  Massages can be relaxing or tonifying, depending on what the client wants and provide a perfect energetic reharmonisation, reactivate the outer layers of the skin, the nerve endings and the muscles.

Local massage (20’):
Manual massage using a special hydrating massage cream where one part of the body is massaged according to the client's wish: back, back of legs, front of legs, arms, stomach or chest.

Partial massage (45’):
Manual massage using a special hydrating massage cream where two parts of the body are massaged according to the client's wish: back and back of legs, back and front of legs, front and back of legs, arms and back, arms and chest etc.

General massage (60’): 
Manual massage using a special hydrating massage cream where all of the following parts of the body are massaged: arms, chest, stomach, front of legs, back of legs and back.

Under water massage (10’):
Very pleasant massage which is given on a massage table under a fine shower of warm thermal water.  The object of this massage is to stimulate blood circulation and has has sedative effect on the nervous system.

Foot massage (20’):
Quiromassage which reduces fatigue and which activates the blood circulation in the feet.

Lymphatic massage (facial : 30’, corporeal : 60’):
A gentle, rhythmic and slow massage which stimulates lymphatic circulation and which reduces the retention of fluids.  Ideal for "heavy legs", people with weight problems and cellulitis. This treatment is also very relaxing and helps against stress.

Reflexo foot massage (aprx. 20’): 
All  vital organs are reflected on the soles of the feet.  Technique whereby pressure is applied to specific areas of the sole of the foot which rebalances the energy zones of the body, improving one's mental and physical state.  Although a little painful, the end result is very pleasing.

Facial massage (20’):
Gentle massage of the face, neck and lower neck with an aromatic perfume.  This sensational massage produces a wonderful feeling of well-being and reduces the stress in one's expression.

Four-handed massage (45’) 
If you think a massage with two hands sounds wonderful, imagine having one with four hands which work in perfect harmony and synchronization.  An unforgettable experience!

Amma massage (20’):
Traditional Japanese energetic massage which is given in a specially designed chair and which consists in manipulations, application of pressure, stretching and percussions along the body's meridians.  This original massage rebalances the circulation of energy and reduces tenseness.

Shiatsu (20’ or 45’): 
Oriental massage which concentrates on the energetic areas and channels of the body also used in acupuncture.  This treatment consists in applying pressure by using the thumbs and the palm of the hand on particular areas and trajectories at a precise rhythm and in a very strict order.


Aqua gym (aprx. 30’):
Body weight decreases by 70% when immersed in water which enables you to do exercises without getting tired.  Specific exercises help to reduce articular stiffness, to expand the amplitude of movement, to increase muscular agility and to lose weight.

Corporeal relaxation (aprx. 30’):
To learn about why one's muscles tend to tense up and how to relax them quickly and effectively.

Korean relaxation (aprx. 30’): 
Chinese technique of passive stretching to achieve complete corporeal relaxation and to produce a profound sense of well-being with the help of a specialised staff member.

Beauty treatments

Micro split seaweed application:
This luxurious application cleans the skin and nourishes it with the concentrated trace elements which are contained in the seaweed.   This treatment also eliminates toxins, is relaxing and helps against cellulitis.  Strongly recommended for anyone wanting to lose weight.

Cold or warm mud applications (aprx. 90’):
Local application of  mud, followed by a 20' rest which allows the numerous minerals contained in the mud to be absorbed by the skin.

Application of cold bandages:
Treatment where the legs and lower abdomen are wrapped in cotton bandages which have been soaked in a cryogen liquid (15º C).  After aprx 20', a massage is given in order to restore normal blood circulation.  The objective of the treatment is to create a vasoconstriction of the blood vessels thus improving the blood circulation and the elimination of toxins.  Excellent treatment for persons that work all day standing up and that have the sensation that a large amount of blood and liquid is contained in their legs, giving them that "heavy legs" feeling.

Corporeal peeling (aprx. 60'):
Treatment which should be given at the beginning of a programme as it prepares the skin for the treatments to come.  Peeling consists of an exfoliation, i.e. the removal of the dead skin cells by means of a massage with an abrasive cream, followed by a hydrating massage which leaves the skin new, hydrated and soft.

Corporeal peeling plus hydro nutrition (aprx. 90’): 
Same as a corporeal peeling except that after the exfoliation, one takes a 20' seaweed hydromassage bath before the hydration.  This treatment is more complete as the corporeal peeling as it also  oxygenates the skin.

Turkish peeling (aprx. 90’): 
Individual herbal steam bath followed by a rigorous rub-down with a rough glove, followed in turn with a corporeal hydration with aromatic oils.  This fantastic treatment is vigorating, cleans the skin, eliminates all of the dead cells of the skin and increases blood circulation.

Natural herbal face mask (aprx. 60’): 
Deep cleansing treatment for the face whereby warm cotton towels, which have been previously soaked in hot thermal water laced with cleansing natural herbs are placed on the face.  The towels are changed every 4 minutes as to not lose heat nor the stimulation of the skin.  The treatment is followed by a hydrating face massage to stimulate blood circulation and to tonify the facial muscles.

Back cleansing (aprx. 90'):
The back is difficult area to reach and cleanse.  This treatment consists of a deep cleansing, purification and hydration of the skin.

Skin cleansing (aprx. 90’):
Treatment with top quality products which consists of a make-up removal (if necessary), the application of a cleansing cream, the application of a natural exfoliating cream, a facial sauna to open the pores, the removal of impurities, the application of a hydrating or dermopurifying serum,  the application of a special massage oil, hydrating cream or of a a layered dermopurifying cream, the application of a mask and of a base cream.  Diagnostic and advice.

Complete skin cleansing (aprx. 90’): 
Similar treatment as above but with highly elaborated and specific serums which have very effective active agents.

Pedicure and manicure (aprx. 60'):
Cutting and filing of the nails, removal of cuticles, painting of nails (if desired), hand or foot massage, application of cold paraffin, hand sauna and decoration of nails.

UV sessions (aprx. 15'):
Effective way of preparing one's skin for the sun.  Caldea's UV's give a little colour to the skin but without the negative effects od the sun.  UV sessions are also recommended in case of muscular aches and pains.

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