If you do not need accommodation, we recommend you use Caldea Express, a new and exclusive way to reserve your entrances to Caldea, for the MAin Spa and for the Wellness.  We will E-mail your entrance tickets to you within 2 working days.

How does it work?

Fill out the secure online reservation form with the following information:

  1. your name and E-mail (if you do not include your E-mail, we cannot send you your entrance tickets!)
  2. What you would like to reserve at Caldea
  3. The day you would like to go and at what time
  4. The treatments you would like to add (massages etc.)
  5. Your international credit card number and expiry date
When we receive your reservation:
  1. We will send you the entrance tickets via E-mail (which you must print on paper) and we will charge your credit card with the corresponding amount
  2. When you arrive at Caldea, present the entrance tickets at the reception marked "entrances with prior reservation".  That way you will not have to queue in order to get in.

Your credit card will be charged only when we send you your entrance tickets.

You may also reserve by telephone (00376) 869 181 from Mon. to Fri. from 09:00 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 19:00 but you'll still need a credit card and an E-mail.

Reservations for the Main Spa that are made at least 2 working days in advance are guaranteed.

The reservations for the Wellness will be confirmed within 2 working days, depending on availability. We recommend reserving at least 2 weeks in advance
Conditions of Sale

Al reservations must be paid in advance.

The voucher must correspond with the reservation made at Caldea.  This means that duplicating or modifying entrance tickets send by E-mail is useless.

Entrance times for the Main Spa: if you are late, you may lose your entrance slot, meaning that you may have to queue in order to get in.  If there are no more available entrances for that day, you will have to reserve for the following day.  No refund will be given in such a case.  Treatments that are lost due to lateness will neither be replaced, rescheduled or refunded.

Entrance times for Wellness: the entrance times must be respected. Treatments that are lost due to lateness will neither be replaced, rescheduled or refunded.

Cancellations: all cancellations must be made in writing (E-mail, fax or normal mail) and must be confirmed by us.  All cancellations made at least 2 working days prior to your arrival will be refunded in full.
If the cancellation is made 1 working day prior to your arrival, you will be refunded 50%.
Cancellations made thereafter and "no-shows" will not be refunded nor replaced.

Interruption of programme: if, for whatever reason, you interrupt your say, no refund will be given.

Changes: all reserved and confirmed treatments will be billed, even if you decide not to do them.

I want to reserve:

Remember to print your voucher.  You will not be admitted to Caldea without it

Important notice on credit cards:  no credit card transaction is 100% fraud proof. 

We use SSL, one of the most secure systems on the internet.  Your browser will inform you that you are entering a secure site when clicking on our secure reservation form (unless you have the option turned off!).  We do not actually charge your card using the internet.  We use the conventional method via telephone (just like any restaurant, hotel or shop) and have not received any complaints from our clients concerning their credit cards up to this date.

Sending credit card information over the net is always a bit delicate but remember that in the vast majority of cases, the fraud takes place once the credit card details reach their destination and NOT whilst being sent over the internet. 

Doing so to reserve your stay at Caldea is risk free as all reservations are handled by Andorra, an official agency here in Andorra:
Register of commerce of the Andorran Gov't  nº 912218.X/12075 year 1994. 

Under contract with the International Bank / Banca Mora of Andorra for credit card processing, authorisation number 992-080424.

However, we do not recommend giving your credit card over the net for services and items proposed by some unknown "cyber-company".

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