The "Pardines-Engolasters" - a peaceful family walk

Difficulty: walk.  Climb:179 m. Time: 45 min. Starting point: Bordas de les Pardines (Encamp)
or the Engolasters lake (Escaldes).  Distance from the bordas to the lake: 3,5 km

We have included this easy walk as it is not easy to find one in Andorra. Most trails are quite steep!  If you are looking for a place to take a peaceful stroll with the family, the Pardines path is perfect.  What's more, if you start at the Bordes de les Pardines, you arrive at the lake of Engolasters and there's a restaurant there.  You can then walk around the lake before heading back or continue along to the Molleres forest where you will find a mirador and a picnic area.

0 h: Bordes de les Pardines 1'437m
Drive up to the village of Encamp.  Just before the lower gondola station, take the road on your right towards "Cortals d'Encamp".  After about 2,5 km. you will see a turning to the right that leads over a bridge and to a few farm houses.  Cross the bridge and drive along as far as you can (about 500m). Park your car on the edge of the road and start walking along the unpaved road which is closed to traffic.  You will pass through a tunnel and past a few fountains and benches on your way. 

0.45 h: The lake of Engolasters 1'616m
The dirt road winds itself along the mountain side and suddenly you will arrive at the lake.  Walk along the shore, leaving the lake on your left.  When you reach the dam, walk around the back of it and back up unto the dirt road.  From here, you can continue to walk around the lake.  If you would like to go a bit further instead of going to the restaurant, take a right and follow the dirt road until you reach the tar.  Walk down to the hairpin and take the path that starts on your left next to a wooden shed.  The "Camí de les Fonts" path will take you through a beautiful forest.  Just after the foot tunnel, you will see some stairs leading up to a mirador.  From there, you can enjoy a wonderful view of Escaldes and Andorra-la-Vella (see panoramic picture below).  Continue along the path to the picnic area. 

Family walk, no dangerous passages, can be done on a bicycle and even in a pram!

Panoramic view from the Mirador 1630m
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An easy walk through the forest
along the "Fonts" path at Engolasters

In the background, the stairs leading up to the Mirador

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