Our Holiday Apartments and Chalets in Arinsal, Pal and in Encamp, Andorra
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Summer activities in Arinsal, Andorra, near your holiday apartment or chalet

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If you're looking for an active holiday, you won't be disappointed.  Take the time to read all the information on the things to do in or near Arinsal on this page, you won't have time to do them all!

Trekking and walking in the mountains (from June to November):
No need to take the car!  There are many fantastic excursions you can do on well marked trails which start right from your door step such as the Coma Pedrosa (2'942m), Andorra's highest peak, the Pic de Médécourbe (2'914m) and many others.   What's more, there are 3 free and open mountain huts at a 1h30min. hike from your apartment or chalet as well as 7 mountain lakes!  One of the mountain huts is guarded during the summer months meaning you can even get half board! The GR 11 passes in through Arinsal and the GRP passes just above!

hiking in Andorra

Via Ferratas (all year depending on conditions):
If you would like to try something different, how about climbing a few of the 9 Via Ferratas Andorra has to offer!
A cross between trekking and rock climbing, a safe adrenalin rush for those that are not scared of heights. We have clients that stay in the apartments or chalet for a week and that climb a Via Ferrata or two every day! 

Canyoning in Llavorsí: (1h30 by car):
This modern sport which involves descending a narrow and deep canyon is reserved for people that enjoy a severe adrenalin rush,  are fit and not scared of heights (some jumps are over 6 meters).  Included in the price: certified instructor, first-class equipment (wetsuit, ropes, climbing equipment and harnesses).  Time: about 2h30'.  Can be combined with rafting.

Via Ferratas in Andorra



The flowers in Andorra (May - June):
We have more and more guests that come to study the flora here in Andorra in springtime.  The valleys of "Incles", "Sorteny" and "Rialb" are easily accessible and will simply amaze you when they display their wonderful colours.  Although the best time to study the flora is obviously in springtime, these valleys nevertheless have a very rich flora all through the summer.  The Narcissus poeticus subsp. radiiflorus, (see picture) is Andorra's national flower. It's six petals represent the 6 original parishes.  There are now 7 parishes and apparently the Andorrans are working on a 7-petal hybrid!

Bird Watching (all year)
Andorra is a well known destination for bird watchers from all over Europe.  Trekkers often see vultures from close-up (see picture on the right) and the Lammergeier is making it's reappearance in the country.
Vultures in Andorra



Mountain biking (from May to November):
Mountain biking is difficult in Andorra except for champions due to the topography of the country!  However, there are a few rides you can do: there is a beautiful 9 km ride one can do   from La Massana (at 4 km from your apartment or chalet) to El Serrat. You just follow the road up to El Serrat and then you come down along the "Ruta del Ferro" path. The easiest ride is probably from "Les Pardines" to the Engolasters lake. Totally flat and can even be done with children. Count 3,5 km from Pardines to the lake and add a kilomnter if you want to go past the Mirador. See http://www.hola-andorra.com/arinsal/english/pardinesgb.html for more details.

The Vallnord bike park
Vallnord is becoming a reference in Europe for mountain biking. However, we are not talking about an easy family stroll. The Vallnord bikepark is something to be seen.... from far... unless you are quite mad! Bicycles,helmets and protection can be rented at la Massana, only 5 min. by car from Arinsal. The gondola from La Massana to the Pal resort is open in the summer meaning you don't have to walk back up!

Mountain biking above Arinsal in Andorra

Vallnord bike park


Hot air balloon flights (all year, 1h by car):
A once-in-a-life-time experience normally reserved for the jet-set (or should be say balloon-set)!  It's worth coming to Andorra just for this alone!  Drift over the Pyrenees mountains in silence and admire the breathtaking scenery from an altitude of 4'000m with an experienced and certified pilot!

Two different flights can be made starting in la Seu d'Urgell, just 1hour by car from Arinsal:
1) "Classic" 1h30 flight up to an altitude of 2'000m.  Half-day.  Price: 145,00 E per person<
2) 2h-3h flight along the Pyrenees up to an altitude of 4'000m.  Full day.  Price: 265,00 E per person<

You will also help with the preparation and inflation of the balloon before the flight as well as with the repacking of the balloon at the end.

All flights include: transport back to the departure point, a typical catalan lunch, a glass of champagne and a flight certificate.  Minimum 3 passengers. If less than 3 persons, there is a supplement.  We can also try and pool passengers in order to make up the minimum of 3 persons.   The different balloons have a capacity of up to 12 passengers.

Flying obviously depends on the weather.  As you will be staying for a few days, the flying day will be scheduled according to weather conditions.  We can handle all reservations for you.

Hot air baloon flight in Andorra


Museums, sight-seeing and cultural visits (all year):
Ordino is a typical Andorran village located at a 10 min. drive from your apartment or chalet.  There are also many Roman XIIth century churches to visit as well as a few historical bridges. 


Exploring the region by car (all year):
There are many interesting places to visit in the region.  Barcelona , Carcassonne and Toulouse are, of course, well worth visiting but it takes about 3 hours by car to get there meaning a long day trip.  There other things to visit (if you have a car) such as the Cathar castle of Montségur, the wolf park in Ax le Thermes or the prehistoric caves in Tarrascon!


Trout fishing in lakes and rivers (from April to September):

You will find a trout stream in front your apartment and there are 7 mountain lakes accessible on foot from your door step.  However, these lakes are more for "real fishermen" rather than for the "tourists" as they do involve quite a hike. <

If you want, we can arrange for your licence so that you can go fishing right from day 1!

Estany de les truites, Arinsal.  Photo: Jaume Ribas Sabaté
Trout lake above Arinsal.  Photo: Jaume Ribas Sabaté

Horse-back riding (all year, even in winter):

Stables can be found in Aldosa, at a 10 minute drive from your apartment or chalet.  Children and complete beginners welcome!  They have ponys, horses for confirmed riders and quiet, calm and nice horses for beginners that just want to go out on a ride.

They organise excursions for 1 hour, 2 hours, half-days and full days, with or without a picnic lunch.  A brilliant way to discover Andorra on all fours. No previous experience necessary! 

They also have ponys for children that you can rent for 30 minutes or for an hour.  You can take the pony for a walk, either through the forest or though the small and pretty village of Aldosa.  Riding hats available free of charge.

Please reserve by calling: (+376) 837 329 or 325 629 or 331 898. 




Swimming pools, spas and sport centres:

"Xixerella" Outdoor pool (5 min. by car from your apartment):
The ideal place to spend a lazy day.  Swimming pool, mini-golf, pitch and putt (9 holes), ping-pong tables, restaurant, bar etc.  All of the installations at Xixerella belong to the camp site but outsiders are more than welcome.
Another outdoor pool can be found at Aldosa, just 15 min. by car from you apartment or chalet.

The nicest public outdoor pool is in la Massana just 5 min. from Arinsal. Cheap and cheerful, clean and drinks at </>the bar are cheap.

The sports centre in Ordino (10 min. by car from you apartment):
Good place to go if the weather's bad. There is an Indoor pool, sauna etc.

Princesa Parc Sports complex in Arinsal (in the village):
Indoor pool, sauna, jacuzzis, turkish baths etc. open to outsiders

The sports centre in Ordino (10 min. by car from you apartment):
Indoor pool, sauna, jacuzzi etc.

Outdoor pool at Xixerella
The open pool at Xixerella

Piscina, La MAssnan, Andorra
The public pool in La Massana, 5 min.,
by car from Arinsal

Caldea (15 min. by car) is Europe's largest recreational health spa located in the mountains and offers you  6'000 square meters of inside and outside thermal water lagoons, saunas, jacuzzis, a grapefruit pool, an Aztecian pool, Indo-Roman baths, cascades, bubble beds, warm marble slates, and much much more.   Open all year.  If your husband or wife wants to go skiing and you don't, here's the perfect solution!  The spa is only 8km from your apartment.

One can go just for 3 hours and relax in Caldea's warm thermal water or reserve a 1 to 15-day programme with treatments such as massages, aerobaths with milk and essential oils, beauty treatments, mud baths and much more.

If you do not want to go to Caldea after a day's skiing or trekking, an alternative is the fitness centre at Princesa Park hotel in Arinsal.

Caldea, Andorra

The sports centre in Ordino (10 min. by car from you apartment):
Good place to go if the weather's bad. Squash courts, a bowling alley, bar,etc.

Princesa Parc Sports complex in Arinsal (in the village):
Squash, a bowling alley, arcade games, a bar etc.

The indoor pool, Ordino Sports centre

It is hard to imagine that one can play golf in or close to Andorra.  Don't be mistaken!  Even if you cannot roll out of bed and onto the first tee, there is quite a choice of courses close by, all which are open to the public. Careful, you will leave this site if you click on the links to the golf courses.

1) Pitch and Putt "Xixerella", 9 holes, 5 minutes from your apartment or chalet
2) Pitch and Putt "Ordino", 10 minutes from your apartment or chalet
3) Golf Club "Andorra Aravell", built in 1998,  18 holes, par 70, architect: Jose Maria Olazabal. 45 minutes from your apartment or chalet
4) Golf Club "Fontanals de Cerdanya", built in 1994, 18 holes, par 72, architect: Ramon Espinosa, 1 hour from your apartment or chalet
5) Golf Club "Reial Club de la Cerdanya", built in 1929, 18 holes, par 69,  architect: ?, 1 hour from your apartment or chalet

Aravell Golf Course
Aravell golf club

Rafting (La Seu d'Urgell in Spain, 30 minutes by car):
"Avantgarde" sport which consists of descending a white-water river in a rubber raft such as a "Zodiac".  The 2 x 4 m. rafts have a capacity of 6 persons plus a certified instructor,  responsible for steering the raft and instructing the team.   Rafting is an intense and exiting sport but which is not dangerous.  In  "La Seu d'Urgell", a town located at a 30-minute drive, one finds the "Parc del Segre",  host of the  Barcelona Olympics kayak events, which organises rafting on its 500m long artificial white-water river all year round (15 cubic meters p/second). Price includes: 4 descents with a certified instructor, first-class rafts and equipment (helmet, wetsuit, K-way, boots and  life-jacket), insurance, warm showers and  changing rooms. Children welcome.  Can be combined with hydrospeed and canoeing.

Rafting, hydrospeed, etc  (in Llavorsí in Spain, 1h30 by car):
Whereas the Parc del Segre offers rafting on an artificial river (see above), rafting on the Noguera river takes place in natural surroundings.  The Noguera is the best river in the Pyrenees for rafting and kayaking: 14 km. of white water which takes about 2 hours to descend.  Included in the price: certified instructor, first-class rafts and equipment (helmet, wetsuit, K-way, boots and life-jacket), insurance, warm showers and changing rooms. Children as of 12 years of age are welcome.  Can be combined with canyoning.

Rafting at the Parc del Segre
Rafting in la Seu d'Urgell
Hydrospeed (La Seu d'Urgell in Spain, 30 minutes by car):
Fun sport for persons from 12 to 66 years of age which consists on descending and surfing on the waves of a white-water river (see above) on a special body-board.  Price includes: 60' of surfing with a certified instructor, first-class hydrospeeds and equipment (helmet, wetsuit, K-way, boots and  life-jacket), insurance, warm showers and changing rooms. Children welcome.  Can be combined with rafting and canoeing.

Canoeing (La Seu d'Urgell in Spain, 30 minutes by car):
The Parc del Segre (see above) offers a 800m long calm-water canal on which one can enjoy this fun sport but which is not as easy at it looks.  Canoes can take one to two persons.  Great opportunity for land-lubbers to take their first steps on water.  Price includes: 60' canoeing with a certified instructor, first-class canoes, kayaks and equipment (helmet, wetsuit, K-way, boots and life-jacket), insurance, warm showers and  changing rooms. Children welcome.  Can be combined with rafting and hydrospeed.


4x4 excursions that can be combined with white water rafting:
Departure right from your holiday property in Arinsal. Follow the smuggler's route to Spain to discover typical villages tucked away in the mountains, fun dirt tracks and unspoiled valleys. Half and full day excursions in a 9-seater Land Rover with a driver. Can be combined with white water rafting on Spain's famous Noguera river.

4x4 Andorra
Driving down to Tor

Helicopter flights (all year round):
HELITRANS offers you panoramic helicopter flights that start right from Arinsal!  Whether it be for heliskiing, scenic flights, transporting "not-so-fit" hikers or fishermen.

helicopter fights from Arinsal, Andorra


Summer activities in Pal (VALLNORD)
Pal offers a wide range of activities throughout the summer for the entire family!  Located at just 15 minutes by car from your apartment or chalet.  Quad rides, horse-back riding, nature walks, Quad rental etc! A perfect place to take the kids for half a day whilst you have a drink on the terrace of the restaurant.  Open from June to September. They'll even take you to Llavorsi on Quads to go rafting!

Pal chairliftVallnord slide


Vallnord is also well known for it's Bike Park. There are several world classs downhill trails and wood parks. Try this new extreme sport! Bikes and protections can be rented in La Massana.



Naturlandia at "La Rabbassa" above St. Julia (about 45' from Arinsal)

Naturlandia is an activity centre located in the mountains near the Spanish border. You can rent Quads in the summer and ski-doos in the winter, go mushing, cross country skiing, ride horses etc. However the main attraction at Naturlandia is the "Tobotronc", a 3,5 km long alpine coaster that carves its way down the mountain and through the forest below "La Rabassa". This fun ride lasts about 8 miuntes. There are no steep drops and you can control your speed. Having said that, children normally get upset if you use the brakes too much! This attraction is a guaranteed success even for children as of 5 years of age. The tobotronc is open all year.

Count about 20 minutes for a "round trip". 3 rides costs 25,00 Euros for adults, 15,00 Euros for children aged 5 to 11.

La Rabassa is quite a ways from Arinsal but if you combine it with shopping trip to the "Punt de Trobada", Andorra's largest shopping mall, it is well worth it.





Shopping (all year, especially during sales!):
You will find 3 km of tax-free shops in Escaldes and Andorra-la-Vella at only a 15 minute drive from your apartment or chalet, meaning that you can go shopping without having to sacrifice a whole day!  As far as what you can take out of Andorra without getting "caught".


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