Practical guide for the main spa at Caldea

The following guide was written by a person who goes to Caldea on a regular basis.  You are, of course, free to do as you please.  However, the main rule is not to run from one installation to the next, ending up with nothing left to explore after half an hour. You're supposed to "take the gear out" in Caldea, so don't accelerate!

If you are planning to go to Caldea more than one day, use some of the installations the first day, others the second day etc.  If you have any questions concerning Caldea or on the use of its installations, please contact

The entrance time (10:00) is used only as an example. 

reception at Caldea, Andorra

Buy your entry ticket.  If you have not reserved, stand in line with everybody else upstairs. If you have reserved, go straight downstairs and go to the reception marked: "entrances with reservation".  Pass the  turn styleand change into your bathing suit in one of the private cabins and put your clothes in a locker which you can lock.  Next, proceed to the main spa, take a shower and leave your towel on one of the racks.

10:15: enter paradise!

Once submerged in the warm water of interior lagoon  (32º), feel the buoyancy of your body, giving you effortless freedom of movement.  Water at that temperature has a slight hypertensive and vasodilatative effect, improves peripheral blood circulation, is relaxing, prevents muscular spasms and contractions and has a diuretic effect.  Once you have calmed down and have absorbed the surroundings, slowly make your way to the exterior lagoon, without getting out of the water.

10:25 The outside lagoon
  • The river: let yourself be carried slowly outside by the stream or try to walk against the current, which will act as a general massage and tonify your leg and stomach muscles.
  • The deep jacuzzi:  the only jacuzzi that massages your entire  body, including your stomach.
  • The bubble beds: one of the most relaxing areas in Caldea where you can contemplate the fascinating architecture, gaze at the stars or enjoy the sun whilst receiving a gentle but effective back  massage.
Next, proceed to the Indo-Roman baths from the outside (even in winter!)

10:35 "Rendez-vous" in the Indo-Roman baths.
This magnificent reconstruction of the cave of Elefanta in Bombay is a combination of a caldarium, a trepidarium and a frigidarium.  You will find two pools, one at 38º and one at 14º!

The effects of warm water (36º):
As far as blood circulation is concerned, warm water provokes the dilatation of the superficial capillaries (peripheral vasodilatation).  This, in turn, causes an internal vasoconstriction - a mobilisation of blood in the internal organs.   Warm water can have different effects on your muscles, depending on the amount of time spent in the pool:

Less than de 5 minutes: provokes an increase of muscular tonicity
More than 5 minutes:  the excitability diminishes and active contraction is facilitated  along with a sedative and relaxing effect.

The effects of old water (14º):
The effects on the circulatory system depend on the amount of time immersed in cold water as well as on the temperature of the water.

Less than one minute: stimulating effect
More then one minute: sedative effect on the circulatory system

Upon contact with cold water, the cutaneous vessels contract (peripheral vasoconstriction) giving the skin a whitish colour, the body stimulating the irrigation of the vital internal organs.  When one exits the cold pool, the peripheral vasoconstriction provokes a  vasodilatation which in turn makes the skin turn red.  This large movement of blood has a tonifying effect, increases receptivity and responsiveness, stimulates the immunity system (the body's defence system against colds, the flu and sore throats) and above all, gives a wonderful sense of well-being.

How to use the Indo-Roman baths:

10:55: the underwater jets, swan necks and cascades of the lagoon:
Underwater jets for the soles of the feet and ankles:
Your feet have to carry the entire weight of your body and the reflexive points of all of your organs can be found on the soles of your feet.  A foot massage using the underwater jets provoke a wonderful feeling.

Low-pressure underwater jets for calves, thighs and waist:
areas of the body where fat and cellulitis tends to accumulate.  Massaging these areas will help but one must avoid breaking small blood vessels and direct the jet from bottom to top using a circular motion.

High pressure swan necks and cascades:
The col de cigne and the cascades help to relieve tension in the shoulder area and in the upper portion of the back.  Do not direct the jet directly onto your spine.  Stand so that the jet first hits the water and then your body.

11:05: "Rendez-vous" in Finland, in one of the 4 saunas:

The sauna has a beneficial effect on muscular pain and tension, rheumatism, nervousness and eliminates toxins from the body.  Contrary to popular belief, taking a sauna does not help to lose weight.  Although one may lose up to 1,5 litres of sweat (i.e. about 1,5 kg), the quantity lost is quickly regained when one drinks.

How does one take a sauna?

As recommended by the Finnish Sauna Society:

One must follow certain elementary rules, dictated by experience.  Failing to do so may cause unpleasantness such as head-ache, claustrophobia, a feeling of suffocation etc.

What one must do :

  1. Start by taking a warm or cold shower
  2. use soap
  3. rinse
  4. dry yourself thoroughly before entering the sauna.
First session:  the sauna must be at a temperature of at least 75º C (experienced persons prefer a sauna that is between 85º and 95º, ladies tend to prefer 75º to 85º). Repeat the entire process but increase the heat in the sauna by adding a little more water on the stones (1 to 3 ladles, i.e. 10 to 15g per cubic metre is sufficient).

Take another cold shower, stand in the mist room or enter the ice pool, just like last time.

After your rest (and if you feel up to it), you can take a third sauna.

After your last sauna, take a cold shower but do NOT use soap.  Dry yourself, rest in a warm place for 15 to 30 minutes and drink water or a fruit juice.  Do not drink alcoholic beverages when taking saunas which can cause hypo tension.

You may not find the water bucket and ladle in the saunas at Caldea.  They had to be removed due to misuse by clients.  This is not serious as one can compensate the fact of not being able to increase the heat by staying in the sauna a little longer.

11:35 the 4 hydromassage pools:
It is important to know the differences between the pools at Caldea:
With micro bubbles: as the name implies, this pool contains low-pressure jets with very small bubbles which have a relaxing, superficial effect.
With large bubbles (jacuzzi): medium pressure jets with larger bubbles which massage and increase the blood circulation of the superficial tissues.
Hydrojet (hydromassage): high pressure jets which have a more penetrating effect than bubbles, massaging the muscles and reducing tension.  Always stay at a distance of at least 20 cm from the jet, especially if suffering from arthritis or if you have recently knitted fractures. .

If you're lucky, it will be time for the sound and light show (every hour as soon as it gets dark)!

11:45 Departure for the Middle East:
The benefits of the hammam, or Turkish bath, have been known for thousands of years.  Compared to the dryness of the sauna, the Turkish bath is very humid.  The temperature inside is  about 55º C but due to the high humidity, one feels the heat as water is a better conductor than air.  The hammam is relaxing and analgesic, decongests the nose, sinuses and lungs and cleanses the skin.

How to use the Turkish bath:
  • take a warm or cold shower and enter the hammam wet.
  • stay inside 7 to 10 minutes, lying down or sitting on a bench with your feet out in front of you.
  • it is advisable to sit up during the last 2 minutes.
  • exit the hammam and take a cold shower, stand in the mist room or enter the ice pool (very important and easier than you think)
  • rest for at least 5 minutes (outside if it's not cold) and enjoy the relaxing feeling. 
  • Remember to drink frequently whilst in the hammam.  You will find numerous taps throughout the room for you to drink from.
  • After the hammam, rest in a place where you won't get cold such as on the warm marble slates or on a deck chair, wrapped in your bathrobe.
Repeat the entire process 2 or 3 times, depending on how you feel!

Careful: the same rule applies to the hammam as to the sauna: if you feel uncomfortable, leave the room immediately!

12:15 relaxing in the outside jacuzzi
(which is not easy to find and therefore rarely crowded!)

12.25 silence and rest in the "Wood lighting" relaxation room:

Trees, wind, waves, rain and other natural forces generate negative ions which cleanse the air naturally by  eliminating dust and smoke.  Modern buildings, air conditioning, synthetic materials, TV and computer screens neutralise the negative ions which contribute so much to the quality of the air which we breathe.  The air becomes "faded" causing tiredness, head-aches and drowsiness.

Scientific studies have shown that the pollution in urban surroundings affect the electric particles in the air: dust, smoke and soot fixes itself onto the positive ions. Micro organisms are neutralised but not destroyed.  As the amount of negative ions in the air diminishes, the balance is upset.

The near absence of negative ions is a cause of modern day illnesses: tiredness, head-aches, nervousness, anxiety, bronchitis, breathing problems, digestive problems, asthma, high blood pressure...

The air in the "Wood lighting" relaxation room has been enriched with negative ions.  You will quickly notice the benefits and will feel fresh and relaxed.

12:35 relaxation under the infra-red lamps on the first floor:
Contrary to popular belief, infra-red lamps, unlike UV lamps, no not make you tan.  However, they do give off warmth.  Just find an empty deck chair, switch on the lamps and relax.  Careful, it is easy to fall sound asleep in this quiet and relaxing room.

 12:50 time to get changed...

 12:59 leave Caldea

... and we almost forgot: the foot baths, the relaxation sessions, the Oasis bar and restaurant, the solarium, the UV sun beds, the massages and shiatsu, the beauty treatments, the grapefruit pool, the Aztecian pool, the water beds...

looks like you'll have to visit again !!!

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