Caldea, Andorra... the main spa, prices and treatments

The main spa, characterised by its large interior thermal water lagoon of 600 m2, offers you a wide choice of installations where water is present in all possible forms and from different cultures: from steam to ice, from Finland to Japan Interior lagoon (photo: Enric Madrenas)
The Turkish bath (photo: agence Nuts) This area is meant for those that want to benefit from the thermal water without following a programme prescribed by a doctor.... to relax a few hours in warm water in order to forget tiredness, stress and muscular pains, and perhaps to have a massage.
Installations found in the the main spa
  • Interior lagoon (32º C)
  • Exterior lagoon (34º C)
  • Saunas (80º C)
  • Interior jacuzzis (32º/34º C)
  • Exterior jacuzzis (32º/34º C)
  • Turkish bath (50º C),
  • Vaporisation room
  • Wood's lighting ionisation room
  • Foot baths
  • 4 hydromassage pools
  • Indo-Roman baths (36º/14º C)
  • Water jets
  • Ice pool (14º C all year)
  • Flowing river
  • Hydrating face masks
  • Bubble beds
  • Infra-red sun beds
  • Solariums
  • Restaurant
The outside lagoon (photo: agence Nuts)

Price list for the main spa
valid from Dec 1st 2002 until Nov. 30th 2003

The following prices include free and unlimited access to all of the installations found in the main spa for 3 hours but do not include access to the Wellness:
General entrance (adults)
General entrance (children*) 
3-day (3x3h) Pass
5-day pass (5x3h)
Evening entrance (2 hrs)**
24,50 Euros
18,50 Euros
65,50 Euros
98,00 Euros
16,75 Euros

The above prices include the entrance to the Main Spa for 3 consecutive hours.  Supplement for every extra half-hour: 1,40 E.  With a treatment (such as a massage) or a meal at the Oasis restaurant (min. 10,00 E)  you get an extra hour of bathing time for free.  Example general entrance + a 20' massage = 4 hours total time at Caldea. 

* Entrance price for children between 5 and 12 years of age.  Maximum 3 children per adult.  Identification will be required for all children under 12.

** Entrance between 21:30 and 22:00, valid only on Saturdays and from Aug 1st to Aug 31st.

Bathrobe, towel and sandals are not included in the price.  You may rent them at the reception (bathrobe: 4,20 E, towel: 2,40 E) or bring your own.  Personal sandals are not permitted.  You may go barefoot or buy a pair of latex socks at the reception (2,10 E).

The Main Spa is meant for those that want to bathe for a few hours in Caldea's warm thermal waters.  If you would like to take full advantage of everything Caldea has to offer, we recommend taking a programme at the Wellness, even for one day.

RESERVATIONS: does one have to reserve and if so, how much in advance?
We strongly recommend reserving if you are planning on going on a week-end, during bank holidays (both Spanish and French), during school holidays and in winter after 15:00, and especially if you would like to add treatments.  If you present yourself without a reservation, you may have to wait in line to get in or even wait in line in order to make your reservation for the following day!  Caldea accepts up to 500 persons in the Main Spa and not more.  The Wellness only accepts 25!  If reserving online (for which there is no increase in price), please do so at least 2 working days in advance.

It would be a shame to go all the way to Caldea just to be told to come back next week!  If you would like to add treatments to your Main Spa entrance, please reserve as early as possible.


You may add treatments to your Main Spa entrance as long as you do so in advance.  It is practically impossible to reserve upon arrival.  With each treatment (or with a meal at the Oasis restaurant for 10,00 E), you get an extra hour at Caldea for free. 

MASSAGES                                EUROS   CORPOREAL TREATMENTS                  EUROS
Massage: circulatory 60’                42,95   Simple Manicure 50’                   11,34
Massage: hydrating 45’                  36,65   Complete Manicure 75'                 22,16
Massage: firming 60’                    42,95   Simple Pedicure 50’                   17,64
Massage: anticellulitic 60’             42,95   Complete Pedicure 75’                 25,20
Massage: under water (showers) 20’      19,53   Back Cleaning 75’                     41,69
Massage: under water (showers) 45’      33,50   Turkish Peeling 90’                   48,62
Massage: general 60’                    41,69   Simple corporeal Peeling 50’          41,69
Massage: partial 45’                    33,50   Corp. Peeling + hydronutrition 75'    55,55
Massage: back 20’                       19,64   Partial anticellulitic treatm. 75’    56,81
Massage: legs 20’                       19,64   General anticellulitic treatm. 110’   75,75
Massage: feet 20’                       19,64   Extra anticel. treatment +30'         18,90
Massage: reflexo foot 20’               25,94   Local cold bandage application 55’    41,69
Massage: facial aromatic 45’            33,50   General cold bandage application 75’  55,55
Massage: 4-handed 45’                   50,51   Bust firming treatment 75’            44,10
Massage: Amma 20’                       19,53   Local mud application 45’             37,90
Massage: general with Bach flowers 60’  43,58   General mud application 60’           55,55
Massage: partial with Bach flowers 45’  35,39   Mud application w/ marine salts 60’   55,55
Massage: head 20’                       19,64   Mud application w/ essential oils 60’ 55,55
Lymphatic drainage: facial 20’          25,83   Corporeal herbal mask 75’             48,62
Lymphatic drainage: corporeal 45’       48,62   Korean relaxation session 30'         25,83
Shiatsu 30’                             25,83   Korean relaxation session 30'         25,83
Shiatsu 60’                             41,69  
UV ultra rapid, high pressure 20’     17,64
                                                UV ultra rapid 10’                     5,67

Individual aerobath with milk and
              Depilation: entire legs 60’           22,05    
essential oils 15’                      13,86   
Depilation: lower legs 30’            17,64
Individual seaweed aerobath 15’         17,64   Depilation: underarms 30’              6,30
Individual herbal aerobath 15’          15,75   Depilation: bikini 30’                 6,30
Individual aerobath w/ citric oils 15’  15,75   Depilation: facial 30’                 9,45
Individual aerobath w/oriental oils 15’ 15,75   Depilation: upper lip 30’              5,67
Tonifying high pressure shower 10’      11,34   Depilation: eyebrows 30’               5,67
Underwater shower (in bath) 30’         25,83   Depilation: back                      20,21
Hydrojet 15’                             6,30   Depilation: arms                      12,60
Facial treatments                       EUROS   Decoloration: facial                   9,45
Facial cleansing 75’                    41,69   Decoloration: corporeal               31,50
Complete facial treatment 75'           51,14   Decoloration: legs                    19,58
Face mask with natural herbs 60'        34,76   Decoloration: arms                     9,45
Evening make-up                         34,76   Decoloration: upper lip                6,30
Fantasy make-up                         37,91  
Day make-up                             28,35   FITNESS                               EUROS
Coloration of eyebrows and lashes       25,88   Body Balance 60’                      11,34
Permanent eyelash coloration            31,24   Supervised Fitness session 60’         6,30

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