Fishing in Andorra: releases, licenses and dates

Michel Froment catching lunch, the people near the tents waiting patiently. photo: P. Mikhelson Unfortunately, there are only a few species found in Andorra. Probably other species just can't stand the cold as all lakes freeze from November to June and many rivers become hidden under a thick layer of snow. 
Season license (rivers and lakes): 57,30 E
8-day license (rivers and lakes): 36,00 E
Daily license (rivers and lakes): 10,80 E

Tickets for touristic rivers and lakes:
Lake of Engolasters and Tristaina, river of Os and the river Valira del Nord from La Massana to Ordino: 8,50 E + the license.
Els Pessons lakes: 13,90 E + the license.
"No kill" license in the touristic rivers and lakes: 3,10 E + license.

"No-kill" fishing means using only flies or spinners with single hook.  The barb must either be cut or flattened against the shank.  All fish must be returned to the water alive.

Opening dates for the rivers:
from 11/04/04 to 05/09/04

Opening dates for the lakes:
from 26/06/04* to 05/09/04

Touristic rivers and lakes:
Lake of Engolasters: from 28/03/04 to 14/11/04
Lakes of Tristaina: from 26/06/04* to 03/10/04
Lakes of Pessons: from 26/06/04* to 31/08/04
River of Os: from 28/03/04 to 14/11/04
River Valira in Ordino: from 11/04/02 to 11/10/04

Touristic fishing: special areas (lakes and streams) that are heavily stocked and that are meant for the "week-end fishermen".

* The exact opening date is determined by the amount of snow.  Please contact the tourist office for the exact date beginning of june.

Licenses will not be replaced.  Anyone that loses his license must buy another one.

Licenses are personal, cannot be given to anyone else and must be presented to the authorities when asked.

Where to purchase your license:
Licenses can be bought in all fishing shops, tourist informations and in all the department stores that have a fishing section.

Fish found in Andorran Waters


lake Siscaro. photo: P. Mikhelson

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