Fishing in Andorra: rules, takes and important information


The Valira d'Orient river near Grau-Roig. photo: P. Mikhelson Takes in all rivers and lakes are limited to 8 per day and per person, the minimum size is 18 cm. However, if you stay in the mountains for 2 days, you're not allowed 16 fish!  You must either take the day's catch home and return to the lake ot eat them!  In other words, you will be fined if you have over 8 fish in your bag, no matter how many days you've been fishing! 

The minimum size in the Valira river from the Spanish border to Andorra-la-Vella is 30 cm.

Important information
Another bit of useful information is the fact that you can only fish with one line at a time.  If you do take various rods with you, make sure that you only use one at a time.  Even leaving a second line in the water "unattended" is prohibited.

Opening hours: all lakes and streams are open only during the day, ie from dawn to dusk.

Please refrain from fishing with live bait!  Lake Pessons is full of fish that fishermen have "left behind".

Our lakes and surroundings are still clean.  Clean up after you, don't leave trash, especially plastic baitcontainers, lying around.  Many wild animals have died because of eating lead shot, discarded fishing line and other rubbish.

Try "no-kill".  It is a wonderful way of saying "thank you" to a fish that made your day!

The second lake at Siscaro. P. Mikhelson Poaching in Andorra is not a good idea.  The "banders" (Catalan term for ranger) are VERY fit so don't even think of trying to outrun them.  Besides, most of them have a dog! Checks are more frequent than one may think, even in the remotest parts of the country.  The ones I have met were very nice people. However, I wouldn't fancy geting caught poaching.  Insulting a "bander" means a fine of 1'500 E... so smile!
Imagine you and a friend go fishing.  As you don't have a license, you ask your friend to keep a look-out for the "banders".  If you get caught, your fine will be between 150,00 E and 1500,00 E (depending on how the judge feels) and your friend will be fined between 1500,00 E and 3000,00 E.  You can imagine the fine if you get caught fishing using electricity, nets or chemicals!  These fines apply to foreigners as well! Montmalus lake (photo P. Mikhelson)


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