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Excursion to "La Seu d'Urgell", just 45 minutes by car from your holiday chalet or apartment in Andorra

Located just 45 min by car from your holiday apartment or chalet lies the town of "La Seu d'Urgell" in Spain.  It is the home of one of the two co-princes of Andorra.    The cathedral of  "second Romanic" or "international" style was built in 1116 AC by St. Ot. There is no entrance fee unless you want to visit the cloister and the romanic museum.  We suggest going to La Seu d'Urgell either on a Tuesday or Saturday morning as the cathedral is surrounded by a typical Spanish market where you can find almost anything, from underwear to flowers via Spanish hams, wild boar sausage and salt cod.
The market atround the cathedral at Seu d'Urgell, Andorra
The market around the cathedral on
Tuesday and Saturday mornings

The cathedral and the olympic parc are located right in the middle of town are well signposted.

Rafting, Canoeing and Kayaking in la Seu d'Urgell

Just behind the cathedral lies the "Parc Olimpic" where the white water kayak events were held during the 1992 Barcelona olympics.  The centre is now open to the public and you can go canoeing, rafting and even do hydrospeed there.

General view of the rafting centre in la Seu d'Urgell
The olympic park seen from the town of la Seu d'Urgell.  Even if you don't want  to go rafting, the park is a lovely place for a stroll and a picnic  (which you can buy at the market).  Entrance free.
The canal for canoeing in la Seu d'Urgell, 45 min from Andorra
The canal where families can go for a paddle. Notice the kayaks and canoes stacked up on the left of the canal

Rafting, Canoeing and Kayaking: rafting is an"Avantgarde" sport which consists of descending a white-water river in a rubber raft such as a "Zodiac".  The 2 x 4 m. rafts have a capacity of 6-8 persons plus a certified instructor,  responsible for steering the raft and instructing the team (you!).   Rafting is an intense and exiting sport but which is not dangerous. The artificial river (15 cubic meters p/second) is 500m long and open all year round . Price (about 25,00 E per person for 3 descents or 32,00 Euros for 5 descents) includes a certified instructor, first-class rafts and equipment (helmet, wetsuit, K-way, boots and  life-jacket), insurance, warm showers and  changing rooms. Children as of 6 are welcome for rafting, hydrospeed or canoeing.

Rafting in la Seu d'Urgell
Before you start, your instructor will explain to you how it is done...

Rafting for all ages, Seu d'Urgell, near Andorra
before the rapids...
Rafting in the Parc Olimpic, Seu d'Urgell
...and after!

Capsizes do happen although they are rare.  As you can see from the picture above, it is easy to climb out of the river and the water is not deep.  There are also instructors posted along the edge in order to help you to get out of the river and/or back into the raft.

Surfing in la Seu d'Urgell!
For those interested in getting a little closer, we suggest trying a hydrospeed.
Price: about 27,00 E for 1/2 hour, 35,00 Euros for a full hour
Beginners welcome!

kayak Seu d'Urgell
In la Seu d'Urgell, you can learn how to kayak!
For more info on kayaking, please call the number below

You can contact the rafting centre by phone (+34) 973 36 00 92 or fax (+34) 973 36 01 92.

After "la Seu d'Urgell", we suggest going to Os de Civis for lunch.  Os de Civis  is a well preserved village located in Spain at 1.500 metres above sea-level but only accessible from Andorra through the gorges of Os.  The village is easy to find.  When you enter Andorra from la Seu d'Urgell, cross the village of St. Julià towards Andorra la Vella.  After St. Julià and before the BMW/Mercedes garage, turn left towards Airixovall, Bixessari and then Os de Civis.

The view over the village from its  XII century church is worth the short climb, the houses are well kept and the people are friendly.  You can also enjoy free food and wine tasting in the little shops in the village.  If you decide to stay for lunch, we suggest going to the restaurant "La Font" which is run by the wife of the mayor and makes sure nobody goes hungry.  The typical menu consists of Catalan peasant soup, followed by "pan con tomate", followed by cold-cuts and mixed salad, barbequed chicken, rabbit or lamb, Spanish sausage, black sausage, french fries, "crema Catalana", coffee and a home-made liqueur.  Phew!!!  Other menu available: paella.

Os de Civis
The village of Os de Civis



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