The Arinsal-Pal and Arcalis ski resorts in Andorra

For those of you that have not been to Arinsal in a few years:


The Arinsal-Pal Resort


Piste map of Pal Arinsal ski resort in Andorra
The Pal-Arinsal resort

Bottom of the Pal resort, Andorra
The resorts of Pal and Arinsal now form a single resort, linked by a cable car and a single ski pass.  You thus have a fantastic ski resort right in front of your door step: 
  • Resort area: 707 ha
  • Altitude: from 1'550m to 2'560m (height difference: 1'010m)
  • 63 km of runs: 7 greens, 15 blues, 16 reds and 4 blacks
  • 2 freestyle areas, 2 freeride area, freestart area, 1 slalom area
  • 31 ski lifts: 1 cable-car (telepheric), 2 cabler-cars (gondolas), 7 chairlifts, 9 drag lifts, 5 conveyor belts, 2 baby lifts 
  • 2 ski schools with 200 ski teachers
  • 296 snow cannons covering 25 km of pistes which guarantee good conditions from the beginning of December to the end of April
  • Capacity: 39'180 skiers per hour
  • Kindergartens: 2
  • Snow gardens: 2
  • Bars and restaurants: 12 (7 of which have a terrace).
  • Picnic rooms: 2
  • First aid centres: 2
  • Ski lockers: 2

Click here for some more pictures of the Pal Arinsal resort

The strong points are: the view, the weather (it is often sunny in Arinsal when the Pas de la Casa is in thick fog), the off piste skiing in the forests in Pal, red runs which are really red (especially in Pal), few narrow trails, the prices, uncrowded slopes (especially compared to Pas de la Casa) and brilliant après-ski. 

Arinsal Pal is a resort for all skiers and snow boarders, regardless of their level.  Beginners will not feel out of place and advanced skiers will not get bored.  English is spoken just about everywhere on the slopes.  

Half way up the Pal resort, Andorra Pal
Remember that you have a reduction on your ski pass with the rental of your holiday apartment or chalet.  Please ask us for details.

The picture on the right shows the upper part of the Arinsal ski resort.  As you can see, Arinsal caters for all levels of skiing. 

The weak points are: although there are numerous restaurants on the pistes, the quality of the restaurants is generally bad which is a shame.   We recommend taking sandwiches, going to the refugi in Arinsal or even back down to the village in order to eat.

Long queues form at the Arinsal cable car at 09:00 in the morning and at 17:00 in the evening with groups that all begin or finish ski school at the same time.

Although Arinsal remains ok when there's little snow, Pal suffers as it is the sunniest resort in the country. Arcalis, on the other hand, always has the best snow.

Upper chairlift, Arinsal, Andorra


Half Pipe Rail Arinsal
Half Pipe 'n Rails in Arinsal 2008-2009.

The Arinsal-Pal ski pass is also valid for the Ordino-Arcalís resort!  This means that you will be able to ski all 3 resorts. Pal and Arinsal are connected by a cable car. Arcalís is only 20 km away by car and there is a free bus that connects the Pal-Arinsal resorts with the Arcalis resort

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The Ordino-Arcalís Resort

The Ordino-Arcalís resort

Ordino Arcalís is the favourite resort of the Andorrans.  If you're looking for the best snow conditions in the country, this is the place to ski!  Although not the biggest of resorts, it's location and altitude make it a favourite, especially for the more advanced skiers.  When the snow turns to ice or slush in the other resorts, Arcalís often still has powder.

Arcalís is only 20km from Arinsal, your Arinsal-Pal ski pass is valid thereand there is a free bus that connects the Pal-Arinsal resorts with the Arcalis resort

The rails and half-pipe will be moved from Arinsal to Arcalis.

Arcalis has the longest green ski piste in the Pyrenees: 8 kilometres!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Resort area: 442 ha (310 of which are off-piste!!!)
  • Altitude: from 1'940m to 2'640m (height difference: 700m)
  • 28,5 km of runs: 6 greens, 7 blues, 11 reds and 2 blacks
  • Levels: 20% for beginners, 30% for intermediates, 50% for advanced
  • Slalom course, 4 Freeride areas
  • 13 ski lifts: 5 chairlifts, 7 drag lifts, 1 conveyor belt 
  • 1 ski school with 40 ski teachers
  • 80 snow cannons covering 12 km of pistes which guarantee good conditions from the beginning of December to the end of April
  • Kindergartens: 1
  • Snow gardens: 1
  • Bars and restaurants: 4
  • Picnic rooms: 1
  • First Aid centres: 1
  • Ski lockers: 1
Arcalís is located in the North-Western corner of Andorra.  One side of the resort is covered in forest whereas the upper part of the resort is bare and in dramatic surroundings.
The trails are wide and the off-piste area is probably the best in the country.  Although 50% of the runs are for advanced skiers, beginners will not be disappointedAs a matter of fact, the beginners area in Arcalís is actually easier-wider and less croweded than in Pal or Arinsal
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Ski passes


Don't forget! With the rental of your apartment or chalet in Arinsal! , you get special rates on ski passes!

Official ski pass prices for the 2014-2015 Season
(special rates when you buy an apartment rental
+ ski pass package!)

(16 to 65 years incl)
(6 to 15 years incl.)
2 days
70,00 €
55,00 €
3 days
102,00 €
78,00 €
4 days
132,00 €
98,00 €
5 days
160,00 €
115,00 €
6 days
186,00 €
129,00 €
more days, per day
31,00 €
21,50 €
Non consecutive days,
Minimum 4 days
35,00 € per day
28,00 € per day

Price includes tax!

Ski resorts plan to open on November 29th 2014 and close April 12th 2015 (dates may vary slightly depending on snow conditions but announced opening and closing date are more than probable (like every year!)




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Pal Arinsal
Pal-Arinsal connection
Children and Seniors:
Children under 6 ski for free!
There is a kindergarten for children as of 1 year and a snow garden for children from 4 to 8 years of age where they learn how to ski playing in the snow.  More information on that below.

Adults over 70 ski for free. Collect your ski pass directlt at the gondola.
Adults from 66 to 70: only 15,00 € per day. Collect your ski pass directlt at the gondola.     

Click here for some more pictures of the Pal Arinsal resort

Opening date of the resort: Novermber 29th 2014 but nevertheless subject to snow conditions.
Closing date of the resort: April 12th 2015. The season may be extended until end of April like it was in 2009, especially for Arcalis which closed on May 2nd!

If you want to take advantage of the rebate, you must reserve your passes prior to your arrival.  You can specify what ski passes you would like on the reservation form for the apartment or chalet.

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Ski School (for snowboarders and skiers alike)



Arinsal Ski/Snowboard School prices (tax included) for the 2014-2015 season
(special rates when you buy an apartment + ski pass + lessons package!)

Group Lessons
+16 years
5-6 to 15 years
6 hours
66,00 €
63,00 €
12 hours
106,00 €
96,50 €
15 hours
125,00 €
114,00 €

Group lessons will take place from 12:00 to 15:00

Other group lessons - Special Dates
06-08/12/14 (9 hours) adults: 99,00 €, children 94,50 €
27-31/12/14 (12 hours) adults: 106,00 €, children 86,50 €
02-06/01/15 (15 hours) adults: 125,00 €, children 114,00 €
19-22/03/15 (12 hours) adults: 106,00 €, children 96,50 €
03-06/04/15 (12 hours) adults: 106,00 €, children 96,50 €

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You do not have to reserve private ski lessons in advance. You can go to the ski school upon arrival and arrange everything right there and then.  As tour operator groups only arrive on Sunday afternoon and start skiing on Monday, you will have first choice. You can reserve your group lessons in advance. Click here for details

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Snow garden and kindergarden

The kindergarten (for children from 1 to 4 years of age):
The kindergarten is in a building located at the bottom of the beginner's slopes, 100 meters from the upper gondola station and is just like any other kindergarten with kind and qualified staff.  However, they do not feed the children so you will have to organise yourselves for lunch. Children must be able to walk (or at least more or less) in order to be admitted.

The snow park (for children from 4 to 8 years of age):
The snow park is a closed off area, also located at the bottom of the beginner's slopes, 100 meters from the upper gondola station.  The children play in the snow and learn how to ski with qualified instructors. Obviously, if a child gets cold or miserable, the instructors put him or her into the kindergarten in order to warm up.  If you will putting your children in the snow park, remember that they will need ski equipment and that you will have to organise yourselves concerning lunch.

The snow garden is ideal for children that cannot ski. Those that can will get bored. Therefore we suggest proper ski lessons for them.

Snow park in Arinsal
The snow park
You do not have to reserve the kindergarten and snowpark in advance. You can go to the ski school upon arrival and arrange everything right there and then.  As tour operator groups only arrive on Sunday afternoon and start skiing on Monday, you will have first choice.

from 1 to 4 years
Snow park
 from 4 to 8 years
2 hours
23,00 €
25,00 €
3 hours
28,00 €
35,00 €
1 full day
39,00 €
15 hours (3h/day)
85,00 €
85,00 €
5 full days
140,00 €

Click here for all the information on the Arinsal Pal resort (you will leave this site)


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Ski and Snowboard rental


With the rental of your property, you have a 25% reduction on all of the prices below as long as you rent in advance.

We work with one of the best rental and ski equipment shops in Andorra, located in Arinsal, right in front of the gondola in the centre of the village.

Beginner series :
Standard carving skis, ideal for those that have never skied before. A beginner does not need a high performance ski and it would be a waste of money to rent anything of a higher quality.

Intermediate series:
For skiers that can make a basic parallell turn without cheating. Rememeber that you can always change to a better ski during the week if you want.

Advanced series:
For the skier that has is comfortable with parallell turns and that is thinking of even trying some off piste.

Expert series:
For very good skiers on and off piste that want to try a high end ski before actually buying a pair.


With the rental of your apartment, you get -25% off of the official ski and snowborard rental prices!!!


ski rental Arinsal

A note on helmets: If your children are going to ski or snowboard, RENT HELMETS!
Renting a helmet should be law! It is no so much for when they fall, it is if they crash into someone or vice versa as well a close encounters with snow cannons and pylons! We are glad to see more and more youngsters wearing them and even adults.

If you would like to get your 10% discount, you must reserve prior to your arrival. Click on the "book now" button to do so. Please do not forget to tell us which series (beginner, intermediate etc) for each skier when reserving.

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The other ski resorts in Andorra


There's nothing to stop you from staying in Arinsal and skiing in all the resorts in Andorra. 

The Ordino-Arcalis resort is only 20km away and your Pal/Arinsal ski pass is valid there. There a free bus that connects Arinsal with Arcalis.

The  Grand Valira (Pas de la Casa/Grau-Roig/Soldeu/Canillo (new site) resort (connection via the "Funicamp" cable car in  Encamp) is only 14 km away. 

>> Ski Pass for all resorts in Andorra  <<
281 km of pistes!!!!!!!!!!

Ski when and where you want to !

Adults/Joves: 205,00 E
 Pass valid for 5 days, consectuive or not!
Ski pass valid for 1 resort per day


You will find more info on skiing and Arinsal in winter on our FAQ page.

For snowboarding and ski insurance, online quote and booking with immediate cover:

Ski insurance at the VALLNORD ski resort: 4,10 Euros per day. We strongly recommend that you contract this insurance. Can be done at the resort when you arrive.

For weather forecasts and snow reports for Arinsal go here


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