Port de Siguer and the Estany Blau

Beautiful trek in a quiet valley with impressive flora in spring.  Family trek up until the mountain hut, an ideal place for a picnic.

Port de Siguer (2'395m) taken from
the estany Blau (the Blue lake)

Difficulty: easy until the mountain hut, medium thereafter  Climb: 615m Departure point: La Rabassa (El Serrat)

The starting point of this trek is easy to find.  Follow the road to the Arcalís" ski resort.  After the village of "El Serrat", take the first right to Sorteny.  Park your car in the parking lot. Do not continue up to the wooden shed.  Take the trail that starts on your left, next to the stream. You'll know you're on the right path when you see permanently installed BBQ's in the forest.

0 h: La Rabassa 1.780 m
Departure from bridge over the Rialb river, at the point called La Rabassa.
1 h: Refugi de Rialb 2.000 m
Follow the path into the Rialb valley, quenching your thirst at the Font Freda (Cold Spring) at 1.935 m, until you reach the Rialb refuge, on the Monjo path.
1.15 h: Planells de Rialb 2.085 m
On the Rialb plateau stands the last of the herdsmen's huts, set against the backdrop of the majestuous Rialb cirque, with the Font Blanca rising to a peak of 2.903 m. Carry on to the right along a fairly upright slope towards the Siguer pass.
2.15 h: Port de Siguer 2.395 m
Distinguishable by a tall, thin cairn, which, from a distance, looks like a sentry keeping watch over the frontier with France, the Siguer pass allows us an exceptional view of Font Blanca and the Estany Blau (Blue Lake) at 2.335 m. 

We recommend that you go down to this lake, lying inside France and one of the largest expanses of water on the perimeters of Andorra.
You should calculate some 30 minutes each way to and from the Siguer pass.  Return by the same trail.

Port de Siguer, Andorra, trekking map.

Walking up to the mountain hut.
As you can see, the climb is very easy.

Hint: What you can do is buy something to grill along with some charcoal and head up to the parking space.  Leave the car, go for your trek and on the way back enjoy a barbecue.

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