Pic de Médécourbe 2'914m a classic in the Pyrenees

Trekking in Andorra, the Forcats lakes
The Forcats lakes 2'628m

Difficulty: medium to the mountain hut, difficult thereafter.  Climb: 1'335m Starting point: Arinsal


0 h: Arinsal - Torrent Ribal 1.580 m
Set off from the picnic spot at the foot of Ribal waterfall.
0.40 h: Borda de les Agunes 1.790 m
Following the ample, 5-metre-wide track, you reach the Agunes farmhouse and spring of the same name.
1 h: Bordes de la Coruvilla 1.880 m
These farmhouses offer splendid views across Arinsal and the La Massana valley.
1.40 h: Pic de I'Estany - Refugi Joan Canut 2.080 m
From Pla de l'Estany and Joan Canut refuge, follow the path at the foot of the narrow ravine towards the river Port Dret.
3 h: Balmes.
Having climbed the steep slope of the ravine, you pass the caves under the peak of Racofred, rewarded by fabulous views of the cirque of Pla de l'Estany.
3.30 h: Estanys Forcats 2.628 m
A bleak, lunar landscape: lakes surrounded by screes of gray schist, crowned by the peaks of Roca Entravessada and Medecorba. Bewitching.
4 h: Collada dels Estanys Forcats 2.742 m
Skirting the left-hand side of the lakes, you reach the Collada and nearby, the third lake, embedded in the rock - a sight not to be missed.
4.30 h: Pic de Medecorba 2.914 m
Unique view of the Arinsal valley, Boet and the Vicdessos valley. Access to the peak is fairly difficult - avoid straying off the marked trail.

Return by the same trail, as climbed.

Trekking in Arinsal, Pic de Medecorba

Note concerning the excursions that that at the Ribal cascade (1'600m).  Following an avalanche, the Andorran Government decided to build a protection wall cutting off the upper part of the valley of Arinsal from the rest of the world.  The locals call it the "great wall of China".  In order to get to the Ribal cascade, walk through the tunnel.  To your great surprise, you will see apartment buildings on the other side of the wall !!! (Mind you, they are for sale!). Take the first right after the tunnel.  The Ribal cascade is above the second tunnel.  The Ribal cascade is about at a 15 minute walk from your apartment or chalet.

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