The Incles valley and the Incles lake

Easy walk on a small road to the campsite (3 km, 1 hour)
after that, medium hike to the lake and mountain hut (2'310m, 1 hour)

Pretty excursion in one of Andorra's prettiest valleys with incredible flora in springtime.

Vallée d'Inclés, Andorre
The Incles valley in Spring

The Incles valley is probably the prettiest vally in Andorra, still unpoiled by ugly buildings, wide roads and traffic. Walking alon this valley in spring is like walking though a botanical garden. As thevalley is relatively flat, it is an outing for the entire family. Those that want to stop at then end of the valley can have a picnic sourrounded by magnificient scenery. Those that want to do more can hike up to the Fontargent pass, climb to the Juclar lake and mountain hut or up to the Siscaro mountain hut and lakes. The iIncles vally is a "must" and you should not miss this almost magical place.
val d'Incles, Andorre
The Inles valley is easy to find.  From Arinsal, drive to La Massana and then up to Ordino.  From there take the Ordino Pass to Canillo.  From Canillo, follow for France.  1 km after "El Tarter", BEFORE the bridge, take the small road to the Incles valley.  Park your car 100m up the road.

If you don't feel like walking, you can continue along to the campsite.

vallee d'Incles, Andorre
The entrance to the Incles valley.  On the left, the small road which leads to the campsite, on the right the river (good for trout fishing) and at the end of the valley, the Alt de Juclar (2'541m). 
A small hamlet in the valley.  On the left, the Fontargent pass, on the right, the valley that continues up to the Incles lake and the Siscaró lakes.
Beginning the walk up to the Incles lake.  There's a pretty waterfall half-way up.  Difficult to get lost, the path follows the river all the way up to the lake.
refuge de Juclar, vallee d'Incles, Andorre
The Juclar mountain hut next to the lake. 50 beds, 2'310m, guarded.
Lac d'Incles, Andorre
The first of the 2 lakes, 2'294m.  This is the biggest lake in Andorra and a good place to catch your breakfast.

You will find details on the treks and walks to do in Andorra upon arriving at your holiday apartment or chalet.


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