No, this is not an underfed hippie, it's a mop!
What do we mean by leaving the apartment clean or 
"How not to get your cleaning deposit back"

Although we feel a little silly putting together this page, some explanation does seem necessary as some people obviously misunderstand the word CLEAN.  In order to get your deposit back, here's a list of what you will have to do. The order in which you clean the property is up to you but we've put the list in a logical order.  We have seen people mop the floor before vacuuming.  If you divide the tasks up between all of you, the whole operation shouldn't take more than an hour for the apartments and 2 hours for the chalets

And this is not some sort of a prehistoric monster, it's a vacuum cleaner!

Your apartment will be given to you in a clean condition.  Please leave it that way!

What to do:

Basically, if we have to call in the cleaning staff, we have to pay them and we will use your deposit in order to do so.

We are often asked about what to do about food and drink that are left over. You may leave any unperishable and/or unopened goods in the apartment or chalet. This can include a bag of potatoes for example but please do not leave half-eaten items or cooked or frozen items. We give all the food left behind to the cleaning lady who appreciates any help with her budget.

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