Roc de la Cauba, Erts - Arinsal in Andorra

Difficulty: medium.  Climb: 478 m.  Starting point: Erts.

Roc de la Cauba seen from La MasssanaRoc de la Cauba, seen from Erts

The Roc de la Cauba (1'818m) is an impressive rock that guards the entrance of the Arinsal valley at La Massana.  The walk starts at Erts (1'340 m) and one must count about 1h30 to reach the summit.  Difficulty: medium.   The village of Erts is 1km from your holiday apartment.  The beginning of the trail is a bit tricky to find.  It starts 100m after the round-about at Erts.  Park your car at the ski rental shop which is 100m after the village on your right.  The trail starts a little lower on the the opposite side of the road next to a new apartment building.
Valley leading up to Arinsal from La Massana
Opposite: the quiet valley of Arinsal which connects the villages of "La Massana", "Erts" and "Arinsal and that many tourists do not see during their visit to Andorra.  This picture was taken from just above Erts, on the trail that leads to the summit. 

The trail to the summit is entirely in the woods.

On the right: the final approach to the Roc de la Cauba from where one has a wonderful panoramic view of the 3 valleys which most tourist only see from down below!

In the distance: the Pal - Arinsal ski resort.

Careful when you arrive at the summit, especially with youngsters.  There's a 300ft sheer drop at the end of the trail!

Roc de la Cauba and the Arinsal - Pal ski resort
Forest in Arinsal  Andorra
There are many wonderful walks you can do right from your holiday apartment on well marked trails.

On the left, the trail leading up to the Coll de Jou (1'707m) on the way to the Roc de la Cauba. This forest is well known by the Andorrans for its mushrooms, wild strawberries and raspberries.

0 h: Erts:
The trail starts 300m lower than the village of Erts, next to a new apartment building that's next to the main road.

0.40 h: Cota 1'525 m:
Follow the path which zigzags to the top of a cliff, ideal viewpoint over the valley of Prat Primer and the Roc de la Cauba, the object of the route.  The path flattens out, crossing the Font de la Gambada channel, and plunges into the woods of Jou.

1 h: Borda en ruines 1'615 m:
At about 1'600 m, the woods thin and the path crosses some old high pastures, almost totally overgrown with pines, where the remains of an old farmhouse lie.

1.20 h: Carena 1'707 m.
After the farmhouse, the path climbs up to the ridge, from where you turn right and towards the cliff-top of the Roc de la Cauba.

1.40 h: Roc de la Cauba 1'820 m.
This is a calcareous cliff, bare of vegetation, a real vantage point over the valley of la Massana and many of the surrounding villages.  Be careful following the ridge to the end, especially with children.  You can also follow the ridge in the opposite direction from where you have a beautiful view over Ordino.

Trekking and walking in Andorra: Roc de Cauba map

The map  was copied from a book you should by at the tourist office in La Massana.  "Mas de Ribafeta" is where your holiday apartment is located.

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