The "Bony de les Neres" - a beautiful family trek

Difficulty: medium.  Climb: 231 m.  Starting point: Ordino Pass (col d'Ordino)

The Bony de les Neres (2'211m) is an ideal destination for your fist day walking or for a family trek.  It starts at the col d'Ordino, opposite the the Casamanya trek.  Whereas most walks in Andorra are above the tree line, this one is entirely in the forest.

Beautiful meadows, cool forests, breathtaking scenery of Canillo and Encamp and the occasional wild boar are the highlights of this walk.

Important: there aren't any streams or lakes in this hike so remember to take enough water (or whatever) with you!

Bony de les Neres in Andorra
The path to Bony de les Neres. In the background: The Casamanya
On the picture on the left, the dirt road that leads up to the antenna on top of the Bony de les Neres.  In the background, the impressive Casamanya (2'740m).  We say family trek but it still remains a trek and not a stroll or walk!  Although it is by no means a difficult trek, some sections of the dirt road are quite steep as you can see.  If walking up a gravel road does not inspire you, you can walk up in the forest, keeping to the left of the road.  It makes going much easier.
Those that make it are welcomed by beautiful meadows, an ideal place for a picnic, after which you can take a walk along the large wooded plateau.
The meadows at Bony de les Neres, Andorra
Col d'Ordino, Andorra
Picture taken on the walk back down, just before arriving at the col d'Ordino.

0 h: Col d'Ordino 1'980m
The path starts not quite at the summit of the pass but rather 100m down the road towards Ordino.  You can nevertheless cross the meadow and pick up the dirt road a little further up.

0.45 h: Bony de les Neres 2'211m.
The dirt road winds through the forest.  Some short steep sections.  If you don't like the gravel, move into the forest on your left and walk up parallel to the road.  On the summit, you'll see the TV antenna.

Easy.  This is a short with only an altitude difference of 231m.  No dangerous passages.
The map on the right was taken from the trekking booklet which you can buy at the Massana tourist office.

There are 2 hikes to do from the Col d'Ordino::

a) The Casamanya (medium difficulty)
b) The Bony de les Neres (family trek)

The "Col d'Ordino is about 30 min. by car from your holiday apartment in Arinsal

Of course, you can start the trek right from Ordino but it makes the hike a great deal longer and besides, why walk up if you can drive up!

The Col d'Ordino is worth a drive in itself.  Many tourists drive over it for the beautiful scenery.  From the pass, you can drive down to Canillo and then return to Arinsal via Escaldes and La Massana.

Careful, the pass is closed to traffic in the winter.


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